Tuesday, March 4, 2014

January Phone Pics!

Pretty sad that this is my only post from January, but our computer went kaput and I am only able to update when I can get my hands on one (hopefully that will change soon). So for now, here is our January in a nutshell...

My little cowboy pirate playing with his Christmas toys!

He loves his DVD player! He is a movie phene like his Daddy!

Early morning playtime! I think we tried to soak up any nice weather we had no matter what we were doing!

Practicing for the Spring! ;)


Double selfie:)

Eating his black eyed peas for the New Year!

My New Year's Eve date while Daddy worked!

Happy New Year!!!

Children's Museum fun on New Year's Day!

Such memories!

He was in heaven seeing him self jam out on the big screen!!

This better be the only time I see him in a cop car ;) hehe!

My little helper!

Picking out some of his favorite fruits!

I think Daddy's turn was up, but he sure enjoyed driving the plane! Ha!

Crazy fun at the Miskel's! He loves these 2!!

Cupcakes and his girl... he's happy:)

One of his favorite things to do... puzzles!

Pet Store fun!

One of my Dad's friends from Ireland came in town. He is really good at playing the guitar and Grayson got a few quick lessons! He was loving it!

Madalyne's birthday at the bowling alley!

Taking care of the baby;)

Snack Day for Grayson's class!

Somebody didn't take a nap at school and decided this is what he wanted to do at home the rest of the afternoon, haha!

More Kid's Play fun with Pop!

Poor buddy had to get the flu shot, so I took him for a little treat after! He didn't cry a single tear... he deserved it!

Making pizzas with Daddy!

Haha! My other helper:)

Somebody was excited to get Aunt Lin Lin's wedding invitation in the mail! He was been counting down forever... he's a tad bit excited to go to the "beach" & "play with the sand and buckets in the water" :)

Basketball Jams with my buddy!


I adore the crafts he makes at school... here's my little snowman:)

Tiger basketball game! (The only picture we got because Daddy sat with a friend and Mommy ran out of hands!)

We lost:( but it didn't phase this kid... jammin' out on Beale Street!

Reading his "God Book". ;)

We got really desperate to do something fun with the cold weather. We went to the YMCA to swim in the indoor pool. It was fun, but short lived... it was still freezing! He squealed for 30 minutes straight and then started chattering... I think he liked playing in the lockers the best!

He was so excited to swim!

So fun!

Finally a nice day & we headed straight to the park!

Enjoying the beautiful weather!


Movie Date with Mom & Dad... The Nut Job!

I don't care how old he is, as long as he will snuggle with me I will take full advantage:)

cabin fever shenanigans!

More Children's Museum fun!

Sweet roses from Daddy on a very special day (it was a secret then, but we had heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time!)

Making muffins! He has started helping me cook so much in the kitchen! I love it and he sure does too!

He loves to paint!

Sweet buddy, working hard!

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