Friday, May 2, 2014


Better last than never, right?! It really stinks not having a computer! But I am finally catching up on the blog! Here's March in a nutshell...
Loving on Daddy before church... he was sick so we had to stay home!

Fell asleep while watching a movie! He never does this... I knew he didn't feel well!

Daddy did too! Hehe:)

There's nothing like when he says "Momma, will you hold my hand?" Ah! I'll cherish these moments forever!

A random March snow! Gotta love Memphis!

It wasn't really enough to play in so we made some snow ice cream!

Somebody enjoyed it:)

Carrying on a tradition from my Bibbie!

Snuggly snow dayz!

He had to take snack on "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" Day! So we decided to do something a little festive...

A little sucker while waiting to see baby on the ultrasound!

There's baby!!

Cheers for a healthy check up!

Playing a little shape hopscotch! Fun way to learn!

His favorite shape is a hexagon! Ha!

Daddy's little sidekick on the grill!

Loving on the baby;)

Earning his keep! hehe!

A little game of golf with Daddio!

It's always fun when Ley Ley comes over to play! Baths are always neccessary:)
Practicing for Easter!
 I found this so funny... he went through a stage where every night right before bed he would ask for a waffle and just gobble it up! Haha! Random kiddo!

The bump!

He lovesss to play with my hair! I'm not sure who loves it more though:)

I asked him to go get me a kleenex out of the bathroom, this is what he came back with! Haha, I love him!

He looves doing puzzles and always says "you help me do this puzzle?"

Chicka fil a ice cream! Yummmy!

We made some homemade sand one day to get ready for the beach! I'm really glad I was power washing that week it was quite the mess, but fun!

Clark Beach:)~

I foresee a lot of this in these summer days to come! He plays his little heart out outside!

He'll say "I need your hair!" and just rub it! my boy...

Paint fun!

Hmm what color shall I use?!

St. Patty's Day treat! I stole this idea from my friend Ashlee... he loves cinnamon rolls!

Nom nom! Happy St. Patty's Day! 

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