Friday, May 2, 2014

It's a BOY!!! :)

We had a gender reveal for baby # 2 & IT'S A BOY!!!! I am so excited! I sure have something for my boys and I can't imagine how much my heart is going to burst when another one is brought into my world! Grayson thought it was a girl the whole time, but was quickly excited when I explained all the fun stuff a brother would get to do! This whole brother thing is going to be fun for everybody!

But, I just hope when the little one gets here he always remembers who is the reaaal "Super Brother"! hehehe!!

Some of the decor for our little family extravaganza!

Chris gets so excited when I go all out, haha!

We decided to bust a pinata with the color candy of the baby's gender! It was so fun and I wanted something Grayson could be involved in!

You can tell he loves to pose for pictures these days!!

All the guesses... it was fun to see what everyone thought! Chris & I didn't guess because we already knew, but before we found out I think we both would have said a girl!

He wanted to bust this thing the second I put it together! I had to hide it!!

My world right here!

This was so fun! It took forever to bust my heart was racing!!


Grayson said YAYYYY!!!

Eating the goods!

There was only one person not too happy! Haha! She's thinking is this really happening all over again!?!?

He was so excited and had a blast! He came up to me after all the pinata busting was over and said "Mommy, I want to be a big brother again!" Haha! Oh honey, it's just begun...

Like below... we're going to have our hands filled with blue and we couldn't be happier! :) I never thought I'd be a mom to all boys but Grayson has stole my heart and I am so thankful for another baby boy to be a mommy to! We feel truly blessed and we can't wait to meet this little guy! 

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