Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring Break 14'!

Over Spring Break my Mom was in Miami and Chris had to travel all over TN the whole week so we were on our own! It was so much fun! We went to Pete & Sam's with Bic Bic & Meg Meg Monday night and then the rest of the week we just played, played, played!

It was absolutely gorgeous Tuesday so we headed over to My Big Backyard!

He loved shutting these doors and not letting any of the kids out, haha!

Maybe someday buddy!!

Chicka fila picnics are the best!

This dog is one of his favorite things every time we go there!

He loooves fruit snacks! They had some at the little snack stand and it turned out to be a jumbo pack, he was in heaven!

It was so pretty that when we started to head to the car I just couldn't go home yet! We ventured out by the pond at Botanical Gardens (we had never done before). I was in awe, so beautiful!
My silly man...

and angel baby ;)

Of course he couldn't make it home!

After a good ole' nap we had popsicles on the patio and played with our Copper Top! 

Then we (well preggo Mommy:) were craving cheese dip, so we got a little Las Delicias to go!!

Wednesday morning we woke up and tried out Brother Juniper's for breakfast! It was super yummy!

Then we headed down to Midtown for some sweets!

He was a little overwhelmed but HAD to have some sour gummy worms!

And we got Daddy some chocolate covered pretzels (hmm I'm not sure that they made it until he returned from his trip! hehe)

Next up... the Lego Movie!! He loved it and was screaming during all the big parts. I however, am pretty sure I could not sit through it again. Cute, but I cannot watch Legos for 2 hours!

Arcade fun!

And this was the end result:) No other place I'd rather him be!

Thursday we woke up and had a fun play date with Coop & Ben at the park!

These boys are so cute together! They kept calling each others name saying come on! They are all so close in age, I can't wait to see them grow up together!!

Then off to Jerry's! Yummo!

Kid loves a sno cone!!


Cheers to a fun spring break with my buddy!!

We topped it off with a little shopping!!

Fun memories made, for sure!!

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