Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ground Wedding: The Real Deal!

We woke up on Saturday to one of the most beautiful days of the week... WEDDING DAY! :) I caught this picture from the view of our hotel room about 9 a.m. It started out a great day because I got to sleep in (Thanks Daddy!) We got prepared in the hotel room, wore Grayson out with a little swimming which equaled a great nap & we were off to the wedding destination... The SOHO House!!

Here is Grayson taking his bath before the wedding... it's not everyday you get this kind of tub overlooking Miami beach!

In awe:)

Oh, and chocolate pops with Ky Ky while doing so!

The beautiful bride getting her hair did!

One of my favorite pics! Geez I love these boys!

He suuure loves his Daddy!

Giving me heart attacks showing him how high he is!

It might have been an hour before the wedding, but she still had her clipboard and was checking off her list!!

The flower girl, Kylie.

Sweet friends... everybody loves Nonna!

Kylie & her Momma... beautiful girls!

Eat em' up!

They sure do love each other!


Picking the apples out of the fruit bowl... loves apples just like his Daddy!


The ring bearers! Two, I mean three, cuties:)

The grub!

Daddy entertaining! Hehe, who knows?!

Josh & his sweet parents! We are truly blessed!

little hoodlums;)

Playing in the fan...

Gray & his Pop! No words can describe how much these 2 love each other!!

The best I could get of all 3!

All you need is love... and they got it :)

Crazy to think almost 4 years ago we were tying the knot... never knew how much my love would quadruple for this man and not to mention the two other boys in this picture;)

These 2 sisters sure are proud of their grandchildren... it's so cool to see them experience this together! 

Oh, Grayson...;)

What would I do without this woman?! Best mom in the world!!

Smooches from my lovey :)~

Trying to keep this little rascal in one piece...

More smooches from my other lovey;)

I didn't get any pictures from the ceremony obviously because I was in it, but here we are at the reception ready to get down!!

His lady of the night!

Loved all of the pretty details!

Yep, gettin' down!!

Showing Daniel some moves, ha!

First dance <3

A whole lota love right there...

My crazy lil' man!

Daddy/Daughter dance!

Sooo much fun! It was such a fun reception! Everybody had a blast and danced the night away!

The bride & groom with their new Mommas:)

Hitting the dance floor with Daddy!

I am so happy for my sister & best friend! When you love someone so much you want nothing but the best for them... I have prayed that God would bless her with someone who would love her unconditionally and make her so happy, because I just knew how worthy she is of loving. I never wanted her to settle or see her hurt. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers and blessing our family and my sister with Josh. I know she will forever be taken care of and have a fun, loving partner by her side through this journey of life! I love you Lindz and can't wait to see what God has in store for your new little family!!

Someone didn't quite make it to the end! I held him while he snoozed until our ride arrived and then Momma bear & him called it a night...

or so I thought... I strapped him in the car seat and he popped up and turned into a chatter box, luckily after a little Frozen he was out. What a fun night!! Cheers to the Grounds!! :)

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