Saturday, May 10, 2014

Beach Babe!

After all of the wedding festivities were over we relaxed and turned into major beach bums! It was so nice to just play and enjoy the beach!

Kylie and Becky joined us too! So fun!

This kid absolutely loves the sand! Nothing holds him back from just wallowing in it! I know he did not get that from me... When I was little I used to sit on the end of my towel and spray every grain of sand off with a spray bottle, ha!

I wish we had a beach closer by... he just played and played and had so much fun!

And of course had to jump on his Ky Ky;) I think I have 20 pictures of him doing this throughout the trip, haha!

Little buddies!!

We had a little afternoon shower while swimming so we just splashed in the puddles!

He resisted a nap again this day and this is how dinner turned out! haha! Worn out baby boy!!

Nonna put the little nugget to bed for us and we headed out to Ocean Drive for a relaxing little date night! I love my groom:)

Good Morning angel!

Back to the beach we go... Ocean Drive for this little stud!

#1 beach bods;)

My little beach babies!!

Push ups in the sand... nom nom!

A little lunch break @ News Cafe! Slurping down my daiquiri (virgin that is!)

Nene, Nonna & Kylie made it down to the beach with us after lunch!

Annnnd my little sand man!!!!

in his happy place:)

We had a great trip! Probably our last beach trip before the little bambino arrives! Next time we have our toes in the sand together I guess we will have an extra 10 little piggies!!;)

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