Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Getting Bunny Ready!!

We had a blast getting ready for Easter this year! This is such a fun age and he can do so many more activities now! He has ALWAYS loved the Easter bunny and this year didn't disappoint;)

We made "bunny biscuits"! Well, some actually looked like a bunny;) hehe! He loved it anyways!

I love all the Spring blooms around Easter time! Here is my little helper @ Home Depot getting ours in order!

He loves to help me plant! He really was a big help and loved getting "dirtaay"!

I bought this die set last year and realized once we got home it would be crazy for me to do it with him... he was just too young. This year was perfect though... he loved it!

Just me & my egg...

He could have died eggs all day... he kept saying let me do more!!!

Trying the wire dropper... that was short lived!

Let's just toss em' in!

So amazed at the colors!!

My little perfectionist applying the stickers!

Twankies grillin' out!

We love you too Cop!

I believe this is Chris's 7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt! I have done them for him since we met... 7 years, what the what?! Time flies when you're in love with this dude!!

Grayson sure loves helping Daddy with his clues... he kept making a big gasp after Chris read them like where could it possibly be?! ;)

I think little man found it first!

"Wait guys, I got it!"

Chris being a little over dramatic that he found it!

Gray thinks his Daddy is just hilarious:)

My little egg hunter... love him so!

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