Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ground Wedding: Pre-Wedding Festivities

Lindsey and Josh got married in Miami on Saturday, April 12th. We headed down Tuesday for a week of fun! It was a great trip and Grayson loves the beach just like Mommy & Daddy!

Waiting on Papa to pick us up for the airport!

Nonna surprised him with Frozen for the plane ride a.k.a. life saver:)

We're off!! Miami here we come:)

He made it through all the plane travel with no nap, but passed out on the way to their house. It was 6pm, he was a trooper! He woke up an hour later ready to rock on!!

I'm in Miami trick!!

He loves him some Ella!

My sister is truly a rockstar! She pretty much planned her whole wedding while being the bride... I cannot imagine! Here are all of her boxes labeled for the different events. 

Hey YOU!

My mom helped my sis plan a lot! She even made a few desserts by hand... now I know where my sis gets her rockstarness from!

Cool dude ready to hit the beach!

Getting his ring bearer gift! He absolutely loved it and took some of the pieces with him everywhere during the trip!

Ella scented some balls;)

He sure loves his Lin Lin!!

It was so windy this day the sand was pelting us!! Didn't phase Gray, but the bride was a little anxious about her final dress fitting! Hehe!

So fun!!

Kid loves the sand!

My lil' beach babe;)

Buds:) just don't accidentally step on Ella! hehe

We ALL;) (well, the girls and the groom) got mani & pedis on Thursday before the rehearsal dinner! (Sorry Josh, I had to:)

Then grabbed a little lunch at Panera... Cheers!

While we got pampered, Daddy & Pop ventured out and found a fun park to take Grayson to!

He only came home with like 4 boo boo's! haha!

Lindz getting everyone in order to rehearse the walk down the aisle!

They did so good! I was proud if ya can't tell;)

After he did his part he was ready to dance!!

Teaching Daniel some moves!

Classic!! haha!

The men!

What a beautiful couple! Love them!

With their Kylie!

I do believe babies look good on them;)

The "sisters"

Best Friends, for sure!

So Sweet!

Thank goodness for Chris! He helped tame him while I tried to do my maid of honor duties!

Geez, I'm super blessed!

He always does this when we take a family picture... I love it! We love you too buddy:)

Letting him get some energy out down the boardwalk...

Sweet Kylie trying to make him stop! Ha, good luck!

At rehearsal dinner talking it over with Dad!

Lindz & her mother-n-law... truly blessed!

Just laid back at SOHO House sippin' on a whikey!

All you need is LoVe!

The ceiling... so neat! I want this at my house!

Piggies for dessert:)

My boys!!

Kim & Michelle traveled from Memphis too! Love family!

Dad giving his toast... Mom's face in the background is priceless! I think we all shed a tear!

Gotta love the new initials!

Playing matching games on the phone... it was that time of night we needed to entertain!

This stud is ready for the PoOl PaRtAy!!!

He got straight in the pool and I don't think he got out but a total of 30 minutes of the 4+ hours we were there!

Love this man so much! Some other little boy was trying to make the pic too;) (baby bump!)

Such fun memories with my sis! Everything was perfect!

These 2...<3

Chillaxin' by the pool!

Little fishies:)~

Our view from the pool... not so shabby!

My 2 favorite men!

After all their hard work... finally enjoying!

This is the life...

Makes my heart happy!!

Josh & his boys!

Lindz & her girls...

Me & my virgin daquiri... haha! 

After the pool party I was pretty certain Grayson was going to pass out... boy was I wrong. We moved around so much he just kept getting more excited and never took a nap! We headed down to have dinner at Carrabba's. I dressed him in his cute little linens and Daddy went ahead and took him down while I got ready. I looked out on the balcony to see if I could find them and there they were!!! With No linens:) I received a text message shortly after this with a picture that said "Daddy's more fun!" tee hee!! (That's them next to the white house in the middle.)

Yep sand in the diaper and all:)

After a little pool rinse we were back to normal... this boy was so tired!

The bestest buds ever! He loves his Ky Ky so much!

My Mom & I spent the night with Lindsey at the hotel and Daddy was on Daddy duty! So thankful for him because it was a memorable night. We laughed and got some much needed girl time! The next day was WEDDING DAY!! That little fairy tale to come... ;)

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