Friday, January 13, 2012

One Special Christmas

Christmas this year was so special!! It is so different when you have a child... even if he doesn't understand who Santa Clause is, we sure pretended he did:) We got to start all our new traditions as a family and it was so much fun! Having a little one during the holiday is like being a kid all over again. I forgot all the fun stuff that we used to do and reliving it with Grayson was extra special! I can't wait for this time of year each year... and from what I hear it just keeps getting better:)

This was our Christmas card picture... not the best, but getting a baby and a dog somewhat looking at the camera. IMPOSSIBLE! Daddy decorating the house with icicle lights! Gray and I staying warm & watching:) Copper hoping at least some of those are for her! Our tree! Of course we had to visit Santa Clause! Grayson loved him... well, he loved his comfy suit anyways:) Santa came early for somebody this year! Me, my parents & Chris's parents all went in to surprise him with a Big Green Egg! He has been wanting one forever, but they are quite pricey so I always laugh at him. This year the kid gave us absolutely no ideas of what to get him so I thought of this and he sure was happy:) I guess he was a good boy this year!! His new toy:)Christmas Eve we went to my parent's house. We hung out all day & night and just enjoyed family time! Baby's First Christmas is so special:)The Christmas Village was one of my favorite things when I was little... I am going to start it with Grayson next year when he can pick the houses out! We had some special visitors on Christmas Eve... my good friend, Annie, & her mom Marth! Grayson loved them, of course:)We skyped with Lindsey & Josh & his family! I wish they could have been here!Cheers!Copper got a new blanket from Nonna & Pop! "Oh my word, are these all for me?" And of course the answer is yes... we said we weren't going to go overboard:)Posing with his new bowl & plate set from Aunt Nene & Uncle Bob!He was determined to get this bow off... and he did:)Grayson fell asleep so we opened the rest of his toys!When we got home Santa came!!Waking him up Christmas morning... maybe I was a little too excited for him? Haha! Trying to figure out what's the big deal!!His first look at what Santa brought... people say he doesn't know what is going on... I swear he did!!:)Someone was a good boy:)Look what I got, Daddy!!Copper was a good girl too! Poor thing probably wondered why her stash wasn't as big!Such sweet moments:)Quick break for some milk! One happy boy!!:)Christmas Day we went over to Chris's parents for some more fun festivities! Yes, they are both in their 30's and still get excited for some remote control helicopters! More presents for me?!?Haha! I love his face... he's probably like wow, how do I get my hands on that?!?Aunt Meg with her Graybear!I love this little man more than life! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I can't explain how blessed I felt this year! Seeing Christmas through a child's eyes is undescribable. I can't wait for all the Christmas's to come! Happy Birthday Jesus!!

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