Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Break: Lindz's Visit!

My sister came in town last Wednesday for Fall Break! We had a blast! We kept saying over and over how it went by way too fast. I loved mine & my mom's conversation Monday after she left...
Me: It sucks, all good things come to an end.
Mom: For a little while...
She will be back Christmas!! Yay! We can't wait!
I feel like I didn't take enough pictures for all the fun we had, but here they are...
After a fun day at the park!

Eating at Old Venice! Grayson had his first Shirley Temple;) hehe!

Lindsey entertaining during dinner.
Love this! Gray loves his Aunt Lindz!!

While we ate, Nonna entertained with I've said before, what would we do without grandmas?!
Gray loving every minute of it! CHEESE MONKEY:)~
 Saturday we had a big tailgating party! It was intended for the UT vs. Mississippi State game, but we started a little early since it wasn't until 8 p.m....we lasted the whole night though:)

Julie playing with Grayson & Ben Barker!

Gray & Pop playing ball (bat ball a.k.a. basketball, as Grayson would say)

Miss my best friend soso much!
Dude, don't touch my shovel:)

The babies and mommies and aunties:)

Sweet Memories!

Of course Nonna went all out for the partay! GO VOLS:)
Ben & his Dada!

It was gorgeous, so we took the boys on a stroll...
Buddies 4 Life:)

Nothing better than a boy, his grandpa & his wagon:)

We had a little sister rivalry going on:) hehe!

And the boys were over it:) and fighting over a bottle! Love it!
So sad that is all the pictures I got, but I have a lot to keep up with these days! Ha! In between there we went to Las Delicias, the park, Newks, got pizza, made chili & snuggled:) It was an amazing long weekend and I love seeing my sister & Grayson together! I would give anything for her to be closer, but I have to remind myself that we are blessed to get to see each other so often. We love you Lindz & bring it on Christmas!!!

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