Friday, January 23, 2015

Kickin' off Christmas!

Although it wasn't December 1st (as Chris kept reminding me!). I was very anxious to begin the Christmas festivites! A 3 year old that had been talking about Christmas since July and a baby's first Christmas was quite special!

At school they asked Grayson what he wanted for Christmas and he said "candy canes". That is what he kept telling us and even Santa. Mighty easy Christmas... so we thought ;)

There's Santa!!

First stop, Enchanted Forest with our buddies!

They all loved the choo choo! Always a favorite!

Saying, "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Little Lovebirds!

This was so hilarious! Johnny went around the corner by himself and came back screaming! We all thought it was just someone trying to tell him Hi...

Big Sis went to check it out and they both came back screaming bloody murder! Next thing we know Santa was rounding the corner! haha! They were not digging him!

However, Gray is Santa obsessed and ran right up to him and gave him a big ole' fist bump!

Ley Ley loves her Beckham!

Successful Santa pic!

We decided to do a little Christmas tree craft for the grandparents!

We dipped marshmallows in paint to make ornaments! (Best idea ever & mess free!)

The finished product! That would be Beckham's little footprint in the corner as a mini tree! haha! He wasn't loving paint on his foot so we had some trouble making them look like trees!

Getting out Christmas toys from the attic! 

I wrapped early this year... I knew my hands would be full over the Christmas season. It was nice to have it done and enjoy.

Snoozing angel.

Gus came back too!!!

Of course the first night he brought a candy cane!! ;)

Can't wake up unhappy with a candy cane waiting on you!!
More to come on this little guy...

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