Friday, January 9, 2015

~Trick or Treat!!~

We started Halloween day out with a yummy pumpkin breakfast! Grayson approved ;)

Then we headed over to Gibson Donuts for a fun treat!

He loooves "the donut place"!!

A little Halloween entertainment in Target!

It's always a good thing when we have plans for the night & Gray gets a nap in... EVERYONE is much happier! ;)

I chilled with this little punkin' while brother napped!

Then it was costume time!!!!
I love how each of these captured all the moments... sweet.


Let's recover! Love Gray's expression, hehe :)

Mommy decided to be a witch & Grayson loooved it!

Eat this little punkin pie up!!

We had the the Barkers over and had some fun sweet treats & pizza!

Shooting his web!! Spideeeyyy!

Yay! Ben Barker is here... Hugs!!

These sweet boys sure love each other!

He kept pointing to me saying "Witch! Witch!" Haha! I'm so glad he likes witches!!

Handing out candy at our house!

I think I'll sneak me a few of these...

Cray Cray boys!

Bundled up and ready for some trick or treating!

Sweetest Spidey & Batman I've ever seen!

We were so excited Daddy got off work! It made it so much more fun!

I've never seen Grayson so excited! Every time we left a house he would say "Hurry! Let's go to the next house! There's so much candy, this is awesome!" Haha! I love this kid!!! Sure made me smile :)

Poor thing kept finding holes in the ground and tripping... this probably was the 3rd time he lost all his candy. I think the mask + the excitement threw him off track a little ;)

Let's do this Ben!!

My boys!!

Julie & her boy!

One of our neighbors had a bounce house, hot chocolate and food for everyone! It was so nice! Of course these two had a blast...


And this one just stayed asleep cruising right along!

Spidey, check!

Batman, check!

Back to the house for a sugar high!

Didn't last long!! This guy was dunzo!! Such a fun night!!

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