Friday, January 23, 2015

*Deck the Halls!*

Well this occurred way before December 1st, but if Grayson asked me one more time "When are we gonna do decorations?!" :) I wasn't complaining though... now I can just blame it on him for doing it so early, hehe!

Happy Boy :)

Trying to get in the attic, ha!

He played with this advent calendar 9,000 times over the holidays!

I would just find him sitting here. First time quiet was a good thing ;)

I got a little crafty this Christmas! Last year I was so over my decorations. It was so fun to do new things!

Of course Grayson loves the breakable decor the best ;) Angel might have lost her wings a few times this season!

Headed to pick out our tree!!

Just like one of the big boys!

Checking on baby bro!

Finally decorating!

Daddy showing him the perfect spot for each!

He just chilled through it all...

And the most exciting part of all "put the star on top!!!"


Santa & Frosty snuggles!

Christmas movies in the bed to top off the night!

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