Saturday, May 12, 2012

Birthday Season!

It’s officially birthday season! Every single person’s birthday on mine and Chris’s side of the family falls between May & August! Add Mother’s Day & Father’s Day in the mix and that equals a broke Clark fam;) ha j/k! But guess what new addition we have this year! The last, but certainly not least birthday of the “season” Graybears! And let me tell ya, it's gonna be a blowout:) Birthday season has also begun for the kiddos! I feel like all our friend's kids have birthday's in the summer too and I just love buying kids toys I haven't gotten to buy yet, so I get in a little bit of trouble!! Miss Ramsey Harrison kicked off the kid's birthdays in March and we got to have our first trip to the Big Back Yard! It is absolutely gorgeous and I can see why parents of kids who can walk will go there and let their kids run wild! I can't wait to do that! But for time being, the "non walkers" Cam & Grayson had their own little party! Eat these little angels up...
"Seriously dude, we're gonna be able to tear this place up soon!"
Gray thought Cam was just so cool!

Love my buddy:)

Of course Alicia had a precious little "bee day" theme! Too cute!

To kick off the next b-day was Miss Kate Miskel's strawberry patch birthday! 

Grayson was full of "looks" this day... people that didn't know him were asking me if he ever smiled! Ha, I said most of the time... I think after his failed nap on the way to the party and then falling asleep with 5 minutes left in route totally messed up this shananigans!

More looks:)

And then we had Stephanie's surprise birthday cookout! It was so fun just laying down a blanket and letting all of the kiddos play!!
 I think he got trampled by Wilber, but was trying to prove he could hang with the big boy!
 Happy Birthday momma Steph! We love you!!

 "It's my momma's birthday and I'll play with outlets if I want to!"
Ley Ley was ready for some cake!!

Cheers to birthday season!!! We are dedicating Grayson this weekend and I couldn't ask for a better Mother's Day present! It has been such a memorable weekend so far and I can't wait for tomorrow! God is {super} good! xoxo~ Happy Mother's Day to all you special momma's, such a rewarding job!

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