Monday, April 30, 2012

*8 Months!*

Chris always laughs and says I say this every month, but this is definitely my favorite age so far! Hehe:) Grayson is becoming more and more fun by the day and he's not on the move YET! It's right around the corner though and I can only imagine how busy I will be! Here's our little nugget love @ 8 months...

*8 Months*
Weight: 19 lbs 14 oz.
Length: 27 1/2 inches
(I measured last month, obviously wrong... he didn't shrink hehe!)
Clothes: 9 months & some 12 months
Diaper: Size 3

What Grayson Likes: He loves to play on the computer... he goes berserk when we play this one youtube clip of "Elmo Song", He loves anyones toes especially girls with pretty polish:), We started eating puffs & "crunchies" this month and the kid loves to eat so these come in handy and he loves them!, He thinks it's sooo funny when you change his poopy diaper and just giggles...tee hee mommy says:), You LOVE Copper! The other night you had a nightmare and I couldn't get you to calm down. Finally I held you next to Copper and you reached out to pet her & quit crying! So sweet! I love how whenever I say "Where's Copper?" you look all over the room and then when she comes trotting in you about jump out of your skin! His very favorite thing to do is throw things on the floor!! I have a funny video I will have to post soon... this little guy is little mr. mischevious. He just grins as he holds the toy or whatever it is out to drop it and I'll say don't you throw that (jokingly of course:) and he will pull it back in until I look away and throw it on the floor! Ha! Yep, this is the look...

What Grayson Dislikes: He hates when bathtime is over and throws a fit! It's hard to get him out, but I guess it's good he likes it!, He has started bowing his back anytime we put him in something like the exersaucer, highchair, etc. He will get ok once we get him down in it, but I think he's getting over these contraptions and ready to be on his own! Which brings me to...

Best Moment This Month: Watching you get ready to crawl. It's just crazy how your body all of the sudden pushed up on all 4's and you just keep progressing by the day! You get frusterated sometimes, but I think it's good for you... you want to crawl so bad! Everyday I feel like it's going to be "the day" but it hasn't happened yet. We are just waiting and I'm secretly a little nervous:)

This Month I: Have heard way too many people call you "pretty" hehe! It doesn't bother me at all even though you are a boy, but for some reason when everyone comments they always say you're "pretty". Just had to put that one down in the books because it cracks me up!, You have started grabbing your spoon when I feed you like you want to feed yourself, however I try to avoid any massive messes so I just continue feeding you myself! You have started holding the bottle by yourself though & I am loving that!, You have learned to turn the lights off and on thanks to Nonna! She taught you and whenever we leave your room you reach out for the light to turn it off:) We also say good night to every animal on your lamp (turtle, elephant & giraffe) & your lamp shade too... it's burlap & you love how it feels! Once again, you will not let me leave the room without reaching out to tell all your buddies goodnight:), You give some of the funniest facial expressions... sometimes we say you talk with your eyebrows! It's hilarious! I will take the funny looks at people over the crying... you are officially over the stranger stage (for now) & I am so glad! You smile at everyone and they just eat you up:) You also clapped for the first time the other day and I kinda freaked out;) I have been continuously working with you on it, so I had a little bit of a proud momma moment! You have always been a cuddler, but you have become extra "lovey" lately. Of course it melts my heart when I walk near you and you just reach your arms out for me to hold you. You have started burrying your head in my shoulder when you are tired and even made a point every morning to make sure you got cuddle time, let me explain... It never failed for weeks you would wake up at 5 or 6 and as soon as I picked you up you fell right back asleep. You weren't ready to wake up, but I say you just needed cuddle time, hehe! So of course we did and I wasn't complaining! I have started teaching you how to blow kisses and you looove to do it! You just smile so big and for some reason you think "bye bye" is so funny! I will wave and say "hi" and you just look at me, then I wave and say "bye bye" and you just crack up! Daddy says you're probably thinking "haha you ain't going nowhere!" :) We have so much fun with you buddy!!

And just because the soon to be crawler might lose some legs rolls, I gotta take extra pictures:)

My cousin, Chris, got him this horse before he was born and we just started playing on it. We have never laughed so hard in our lives the first time we let him play with it. I think he thought it was real b/c everytime he reached out to touch it he would jump back. We played with it again today and when I leaned him towards it he turned right around and reached out for me. He loves it, yet a little scared this stallion might chomp him! Too funny!

We officially tried our first piece of pizza crust and to say he loved it is an understatement!!

He had enough so I told Chris to take it from him since I didn't want him choking. He just stared at Chris like he had ripped his whole world from him!
He looks like a big boy here:(
And of course we have to include his favorite part of the day... BATH TIME!!!
He did not care the least bit I put this big ball of bubbles on his head:)
His "ooohhh" face! Mr. & Mrs. Ducky must have been trying to sneak some smooches;)
Enjoying cookout time with Aunt Meg & Uncle Dave!

With all the nice weather we have been doing a lot more than usual. This little boy has played so hard...
Sometimes even too tired to swallow his milk:)
My attempt to puree watermelon and strawberry yogurt turned into a smoothie! He absolutely loved it!
A visit to great-grandma's, Mema, for her birthday!
Having fun with Pop...
Pop letting me play with things I'm not supposed to;)
Trying to get a kiss, but he was over it!

I know I've said this every month, but I really can't believe my baby boy is 8 months old! They weren't kidding when they said it flew! Gray you have become the sweetest little boy that knows what he wants:) A day does not go by that you do not have Daddy & I cracking up! I can only imagine what's in store. Thanks for making our lives better than we could have ever imagined! We love you Graybear chunkymonkey Clark:) 

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