Friday, April 13, 2012

*1st Easter*

For some reason last Easter was so memorable for me. I have always loved Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. but last year I feel I truely grasped the meaning of Easter. I felt so close to the Lord through my pregnancy, as I am not going to lie I was nervous as anything about the little things that could go wrong. I prayed more than I ever had. The Lord blessed me so much by giving me the perfect gift of Grayson. Motherhood gives you a whole new outlook on everything and it sure did this Easter. I not only praise Him and thank Him for what He did for me, but knowing that my child gets to live a life full of forgiveness and a life knowing he has open arms waiting for him in Heaven is more than a mother could ever ask for! You want, want, want for your kids more than you could ever imagine and to know that the Lord has already sacrificed everything so that he can live the most perfect life is more than I could ever ask for!

This is right after the bunny stopped by;)
"Leave me alone mom!"Easter morning... "Did he come, did he come?"Going in for the grass... first thing he touched & first thing he put in his mouth!Love this little look of joy.And this... I think he likes the bunny alright;)Yep, me with the ears again:) just a playin'...Happy Easter everybody!!Oh and of course new pool gear! {He looks wayyy too big here!}We had Easter at our house again this year! My little family:)
My 2 best buds:)Too cool!Love my sweet boys!and girl;)
Of course we couldn't have an Easter without the annual egg toss!Championship stance! haha!I yiyi, almost!
And what do ya know, we got handed down the egg toss championship title! We won twice!! Chris was so proud of me... if only I had known all I had to do was win an egg toss:)
Food time!
Feed me, now!So I had all these fun ideas for centerpieces for Easter... a jellybean plant, tulips on each plate, etc. Well once the crazy week started I had no time for creativity, so here was our centerpiece:) I think it beats all of the above!Playing with some toys from his other Easter basket... the bunny sure was busy this year!I was kind of obsessed with these ears! He just looked too cute:) I continued to put them on him many days after Easter, hehe!Grayson's First Easter Egg Hunt!!!He was such a good egg finder;)He loved the duck basket from Bic Bic & Papa!I put puffs in all of the eggs... what.a.look.Nonna helping me!and directly in the mouth...I think he's saying, "well this was a dumb hiding spot guys!" haha"Look Momma, I found a big one!" These moments just melt my heart...Our team won the egg hunt, hehe!I love you more than you'll ever know buddy!I think the look on my face pretty much sums up how I feel about this little guy... eat him up and can't get enough!!Aunt Lindz showing him how to wear his cool shades from Nonna & Pop!He was so excited! Looks like his daddy in the making...DVD's & Jon Jon's... nothing better!I think he's ready for summer!;)Bedtime for bonzo!!
We had such a wonderful Easter! Nothing better than having our whole family together! I can't wait to carry on all the traditions for years to come! It's only begun;)

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