Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Aunt Lindz's Trip!

Wow, was this one of the best weekends we have had!! My sister "Aunt Lindz" came in town on Thursday and the party didn't stop till Monday! We had so much fun with her being here and did about everything we had talked about for weeks! Grayson has been a little iffy with strangers and since he hadn't seen Aunt Lindz since Thanksgiving I was a little worried... welp, forget that... he didn't wimper once and took to her right away! By the end they were best buddies and we were all very, very sad to tell her bye! I kinda get sad looking at these pictures because I wish we all lived together and could do this every weekend! It sure does make the time we do get together extra special though! Our long, fun, special weekend...
Thursday night we went to El Porton with a big group of friends for Lindz's Homecoming/Julies Surprises 30th Birthday! What a fun night!!
Grayson came to all the festivities of course:)He was on Daddy duty this night;)
Graybear loves him some Barkers...Wyatt loved Chris & was telling him all about his game...Gray hangin' with the big kids!He was so intrigued by Finn... he kept grabbing his face saying "oohh oohh"Happy Birthday Jules!!Sweet Jennings Woodley;)Aunt Meg & the hood rat:)Lindsey don't kill me, you look good:) This is a special memory that must go down in the books! Graybear & Aunt Lindz scrub-a-dubbin' together!He loves his Nonna!Patio time! Some of the best times!Waiting on his buddies to arrive!! We had a BBQ at my parents and invited all my sister's friends & their kiddos over, which happen to be Grayson's good buddies too! It's so fun getting them all together!Cooper's here! Let's play!!Love this picture... reminds me of Up All Night play group, haha! (of course little booger trying to be center of attention:)And so the photo shoot begins... I wish we could attach sound to this picture and it might explain their faces... 3 sets of Mom & Dad's, a Aunt, a Grandma & Grandpa making 900 noises to make them smile!
Cooper: "This is gonna be so cute ya'll"
Grayson: "Um fo sho!"
Ben: "Who are these crazy people?"Grayson: "Say cheese ya'll!"
Cooper: "Hey ma, get your camera!"
What a fun night... laying around with babies:)The daddies and their boys!Ben Barker and his momma! Momma & her boy;)Coop & Daddy!We also went to the park one day so we could swing!Lindz feeding Gray some nom nom!It's not good unless it's messy!!Something about this face...Please excuse the millions of pictures. This blog is my excuse why I don't keep a photo album so I must keep all my faves and that's alot :)Please notice Lindz's shadow, haha! She definitely got his attention!sweet boy!Told you there were lots of pictures:) and to just think that doesn't include Easter where we took 150, haha! Gotta love the memories!! What a trip though, I was beyond excited for months about this week and it sure lived up to all the excitement! Near or far Lindz will always be a big part of Graybear's life and I don't think she'll have it any other way, nor will he! I miss my sister so much and it's just so easy to get in the everyday grind and forget what it's like to have her close. This weekend made me miss her even more... but I am thankful God gives us these opportunities and more to come... 4th of July Miami, here we come! XOXO~ We love you Aunt Lindz!!

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