Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gray's First Vaca!

This past week Grayson went on his first vacation! He was soo excited about it;) and ready to explore something other than Memphis! We have not gone anywhere since he was born so it was so nice for all of us to just get away for a bit! We headed to Nashville on Wednesday through Friday and then went down to Selmer, TN for a little country cabin fun! Follow our first Clark road trip...
"All ready mom!!" It seriously took me hours & hours to pack for him. You need SO much stuff for a baby!

Don't let him fool you this didn't last long... we have officially decided he can last 3 hours in a car max!

Breaking in the hotel room... we had him a nice little set up:)

Just grabbin' a little lunch!

Haha! I love this picture! He was just having WAY too much fun:)

I love my Dada!

So we decided to eat at one of the restaurants in the hotel that night b/c we were pooped! It was a nice fine dining restaurant... well as soon as we sat down Grayson got so loud & hyper! He was squeeling and giggling nonstop... I felt like "that family"! Luckily no one around us cared so we just let him have the time of his life! He even got his very first french fry!

We put some french fries in here while we ate...

I think he liked them just a little;)

He also had his first swim in a big pool! It was like his dreams had come true when we put him in there! He was the happiest little guy ever!

After a looong fun day he passed out in Daddio's arms!

Sweet baby;)

Next morning, he's ready to rock! Breakfast in bed:)

Somebody else also got treated to breakfast in bed... I'm a lucky girl!

Thursday I went and met one of my good friends Annie in Franklin! I got to see her house & we hit the square for some shopping! Gray was such a little trooper! So good to see you Shmannie!

Checking out & headed on the next part of our road trip!

Funny story behind this picture... we had a deer head in the room we were staying in and Grayson stared at it the whole trip! He never quite figured it out... the thing was huge!! It was hilarious!

His sweet buddy Ryder!

The Holley's (the cabin we stayed at) had a walker and Grayson absolutely loved it! He's never been in one, but he took off and never stopped!

Ryder showing him the ropes!

He loved playing with all the big boy toys! P.S. I was trying to catch him on all 4's. During the trip he started doing the "all 4 rock"... kid will be crawling so soon!

Ohhh yes I did. Chris made me, I did not want to at all. I've never shot a gun before, but he was pressuring me so I bet him a feeding & putting Gray down for a nap, haha! It was so scary!

I was so over the shooting...

Country boys!

And he's off!

This is so much fun Mom!

Yeah I don't know what they think is cabin about this place? More like a resort to me! Thanks Holley's & Stimpson's for a wonderful getaway!

Little buddies:)

We went on the "bad boy" for a ride and Grayson was beside himself the first 5 min., then yawned so I put his head down on my shoulder and he was out. We just drove around for the whole nap!

Sweet moments.

If only I could drive around on a bad boy everyday to get him to sleep! haha!

My little camo baby;)

On to the bow & arrow... they were like little kids that couldn't get enough!

What a great trip with my boys!

So thankful for sweet memories with my little family!

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