Sunday, May 20, 2012

Grayson's Dedication

Well, I must say besides June 5th, 2010 and August 25th, 2011 this might have been one of the most special days in all my life!... My sweet little baby boy was dedicated:) It puts such a warm feeling in my heart knowing that we have made these commitments to Grayson and the man upstairs and I can't wait to do the best job possible to fulfill them. I feel a lot of pressure, but I think that's good because I want nothing but the best for my boy and I know there is only one way for that! To know that this little life is so fresh and new and innocent and we were gifted with the ability to mold him into the man God wants him to be is the most precious reward I could ever recieve! I'm so humbled that God trusts me to do this as a Mom and Chris to do this as a Father! I am glad we have each other to lean on and I pray God will give us patience and grace during the tough days and confidence and direction during the times that Grayson needs our guidance.

Saturday morning we had the family dedication at church and it was such a special and intimate time. It did come a little early and Grayson wasn't quite ready for the big day... haha! I seriously had to pry him off the couch to get him ready... {notice the hand, leave me alone Mom!}

Graybear and his "hero" :)

Such a special day for this Momma!

He was so good during the whole program! He even played with his bible like a good little boy!

 During the orientation weeks before, we were told to somehow display our commitments to share with our families and this is what I chose! Andy Savage joked you could definitely tell who the first time parents were with their scrapbook pages, hehe! Who me?! ;)

This was Sunday morning before the church service where we had the public dedication! He was in the best mood:)... which is usually pretty contagious!!

Me & my two baby boys! So proud of both of them!:)

Nonna & Pop, I love you!!

During the public dedication! A sweet moment I'll never forget...

After church, we had a luncheon at our house in honor of Grayson! Our front door:)

This was the invitation framed...
It's a special day for our sweet boy, we would love for you to share the joy!
Please join us for the dedication ceremony of
Grayson Lee Clark
Sunday, May 14th at 10:45 a.m.
Highpoint Church
Luncheon following in his honor

Aunt Meg & Papa ready to dig in!

Grayson's great-grandmother made it which was super special!

Gray & cuzner Michelle!

Playing with his cousin RJ... well, picking on RJ. Thank goodness he was patient with him:)

Sweet family:)

Nothin' like grandma's! They sure do make the world go round...

Grayson felt a little guilty it was all about celebrating him on Mother's Day so he gave each Mom that attended some flowers:)

He even got to eat off his silver spoon!

Aunt Meg and Uncle Dave got him the sweetest present...

"A Gray Bear"!! It's his new best buddy:)

Me showing him who gave him that present as if he really knew what I was saying?!

Opening gifts...

"Ooohh a lamby momma!"

My first piggy bank:)

Sweet angel worn out from his big weekend!

This weekend was one I will cherish forever! I love this little man so much and I can't wait for the life God has in store...


  1. so sweet! Amber told me she saw you guys at the class! What a very special day!

  2. Such a sweet moment. I love your letter to Grayson, it made my eyes water. I know you and Chris will be great parents and role models. It truly is the most important thing we can teach our kids.