Wednesday, April 15, 2015

*5 Months*

*5 Months*
Weight: 18 lbs
Height: 27 inches
Diaper: Size 3
Clothes: 6-9 months

-I respond to my name... but more often to Beck-a-Roo :)
-I rolled back to front on January 20th and haven't stopped since!
-I love attention... usually the only time I'm fussy is when these folks leave me alone or I'm hungry.
-I've started to become a little cautious of people. I don't go for everyone and I will let you know by screaming bloody murder if you try to hold me, Ha!
-I've started getting sad when Mommy & Daddy leave to go somewhere. I sure know when they are about to leave! I don't miss a beat!
- I found my toes on January 24th and I love laying down so I can play with them!
-I reached for Mommy on my birthday 2/5... it kinda melted her, just a little :)

-I love to eat and love my new oatmeal. 
-I make all kinds of ooooh noises when my brother plays with me... I get way excited!!
-I don't like when kids get really loud around me... it kinda scares me.
-When I get sad or not sure I stick out my bottom lip.
-I love peek-a-boo and just giggle and giggle.

-I still love sucking on my fingers.
-I'm very ticklish and love to giggle!!
-I'm a sweet, sweet boy and have the sweetest smirk many people comment on.


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