Friday, July 13, 2012

Miami: Part 1

We had such an amazing time in Miami! I had been looking forward to this trip before Grayson was even born and it was just as wonderful as I expected. We took lots of pictures and packed our trip full so I'm dividing this post in two. Here's our trip Saturday - Tuesday...

First things first, Grayson did such a great job on the airplane ride there and back! I had all these toys, snacks, movies, etc. packed and he didn't use one of them, ha! He fell sound asleep in my arms and slept the whole time except for when we were decending and he just looked around. Angel:)

When we arrived on Saturday Lindsey & Josh had a beautiful little dinner planned at their house. Which by the way their new house is so perfect... I am so happy for them!
Nita & Gray at Lindz's... he took to her right away:)

Kylie, Gray & Bob... he was spoiled with attention for a week straight!!

Kylie is so in love with Grayson and he loves her as well! They had the best time together! Also, Grayson's new toy from Cliff & Christie, thanks guys!!

Kylie was so cute how she protected Grayson. She kept saying "hims is everywere, hims gonna get hurt!" haha!

Wish I wasn't so far away from these folks:(

My favs;)

The boys... my sis and I did well I must say:) hehe!

We were so happy to see Nonna too! She went down a week early & it felt like forever!!

The gang! I love you all!

My best buddies right here...:)

Love it!

Sunday we went to my cousin's condo pool at "Blue" where we also had my bridesmaid luncheon 2 years ago. This was my first time back there since then... so many fun memories to remember & still as beautiful as ever!

He was worn out!

Nonna, Chris & Nita (Chris sends Grayson like 900 gifts at random times! So glad Grayson finally got to meet him!)

Good times... can we go back?!

So happy for my sister! We love Josh!

Kylie and her sweet momma swimmin'

Aunt Lindz is a very good entertainer I must say;)

Adorable little Kylie!

He loves his Dada!

Sunday night we hung out at the house and Kylie and Grayson had fun in the flowers!

Sorry Daddy;) but he does look pretty, I mean pretty cute:)

Monday morning the guys woke up at the crack of dawn and went fishing on Keith's boat... this is the picture I woke up to! So proud of my little fisherman:)

Breakfast at Nene's!

Monday we had a full out beach day! My mom and I thought walking to the beach with Grayson would be fun instead of riding in a boring ole car. WELL first time mom mistake right here... we couldn't feel our arms when we got there and I think we were about to lose it on each other, haha! Please look at all our junk below before you make fun;)

Grayson LOVED the ocean! He kept wanting to get in and even fell asleep in Daddy's arms in the middle of the ocean later that day.

Sand buddies:) Grayson ate the sand, the rocks, the shells, haha and didn't think they were gross at all :)

Me & my beach baby! Love this little guy more than life!!

Momma made a run for a mango popsicle and he sure thought it was the best thing in the world!

In momma's arms after bobble heading with daddy in the ocean, ha can't blame him!

Might be one of my favorite pics ever! My heart in a picture...

Grayson giving Kylie her tinkerbell barbie doll he brought her!

Gray in his fedora! Chris & him have matching ones, but of course I didn't get a picture of them together:(

Playing in Kylie's barbie tent... having the time of his life!

just cause:)


Hanging at the beach before dinner!

my love;)

Gray absolutely loved Max and just kept grabbing on him, ha! Won't have a problem with him getting along with other kids!

My 2 favorite people sitting in my most favorite spot in the world. God is good!

Miami: Part 2 to come next week! I'm a little busy... we have a first birthday party in 6 weeks! Ahhh, I've been emotional all week... how is it already here!?!


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  1. Your trip looked so fun and Grayson is so cute! Your blog makes me excited for Addie and Lilly when they grow up! So fun having a sister!