Tuesday, February 25, 2014

School Christmas Program

Welp, Grayson's school Christmas program went rather interesting/unexpected this year! If you read my post on his Halloween program I said how he totally rocked it... Welllll this time not so much, haha! He doesn't usually go to school on Mondays so I had to drop him off 30 minutes before the program with no nap. He was so confused why he was there and then when he walked out and saw all of us I think he just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry... soo he kinda did! haa! This is why I only got 2 pictures from the program. I tried to console him but he was done! So he sat in my lap and we watched everyone shake their jingle bells! Hehe! I still love my super star & it was a memory to remember for sure!

Here he is walking out! What is going on?!

This was about as far as he got! ha!:)

I mean I think he really just wanted to play with his grandparents!

He sure had a lot of support... Bic Bic & Papa!

Nonna & Pop!

Mommy & Daddy!

Kissing that little red nose:)

Winning us over anyways;)

Cookies and his favorite people and all was well!

We then went home and worked it out with A NAP & some bubble poppin'! ;)
It was a good day! :)

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