Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gray's 1st Tiger Bball Game!!

Grayson got to go to his first basketball game! We were a little skeptical about taking him (not knowing whether he would sit still longer than 5 minutes) but he did great! He absolutely loved it and was into the game and all the fun going on around him!! 

Here he is on his way... dressed in Tiger blue!

Pre game dinner... just chewing on a knife... what, that's not normal?:)

I think Daddy was excited as he was!

My lil' Tiger boys!

I loved our seats! We were right where the team ran out... Grayson got to be right in the middle of it all!

Like father, like son...


Such a memory! Can't wait for many more Tiger games to come!

He sat like this 80% of the time... I was so impressed! I guess he's like his Daddy... when there's a Tiger game going on nothing else matters! hehe!

He had a few treats to keep him distracted too!

I think he had just a bit of fun;)

I spy a little high five action...

This player thought Gray was mighty cute! :) We had a blast and will definitely be taking this lil fan back for more!

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