Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kate's Special Day!

There is this special little girl named, Kate Miskel that Grayson is just in love with! :) We went to her birthday party at the Big Backyard and had a blast!

Gray with his plant he planted!

 Asking where Kate is;)

 Luckily Grandma Terry helped him find her!

 Snack Time!

How cute is the birthday girl?!

 So sweet:)

Leave it up to Grayson to find the only man at the party to play with... he loves hangin' with the big guys! Thanks Justin:)

He was so excited about going "side" a.k.a. outside at the BBY he started dancing! Here's a little snapping action...

He's not excited at all!! Haha!

 I own this place!! :)

 Tunnel fun with Hiett!

 Hey sweet boy!

 Nothing gets between this boy and his "bat ball"... he was on a mission!

Whatcha thinkin', buddy?!

 Maybe one day! Hehe!

It was a gorgeous day... so after the party and a nap we were ready for some more fun!

 Happy lil' thang!

 When he plays he gets so deep into thought, I love it... I wish I knew what was going through that little mind...


 Clark Photo Shoot:)

Oh how I love these boys!!

There's no other joy like it!

 I love getting my tickles:)

Annnd head dunking again, ha!

 Refreshing, ay?

 My boys and their trucks:)

Spelling out the whole fam!

 The face... no telling!
Thank goodness we can play outside... he neva eva likes to stop!

Blessed with pretty days with my babies:)

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