Tuesday, April 2, 2013

*18 Months*

Grayson turned 18 months on February 25th, haha... yes I am so behind on blogging! Bare with me while my creativeness goes out the window and I try to get caught up! A lot of fun things have been going on and of course this little rascal gets more fun by the day, so stay tuned;)
*18 Months*
Weight: about 25 lbs (50th %)
Height: 32 1/2 (75%)
Diaper: Size 4
Clothes: 18-24 months
*What's New:
-Of course Grayson has many new words, the kid talks non stop! To name a few: snack, ice cream "cy cream", no more and more a.k.a "mo", Clark and he thinks it's hilarious to say it!, sausage, "can can" a.k.a. candy... he thinks his vitamins are "can can" sweet:), Jesus and then sky, not yet, right back, fishy also pronounced as "tishy" possibly one of my favorite things he says!, all better, meow, Rebel, yellow also known as "lellow" yes we ask him to say this numerous times b/c it's so darn cute!!, wooow, love you "lub you", ok is his answer when he means yes, he also says the "g" sound guh guh guh when he sees my "G" necklace I wear for him and hotdog...he likes to do the hotdog dance when he's about to eat a hotdog, hehe!
-He now tells me when he has poopooed which is great! Which speaking of, one night we took the diaper off a little too soon before bath and got our own little brown surprise in the hallway! Haha, it made for a good laugh!
-Grayson loves to dance and has moves I could never do! He goes through hyper spells at night when he gets tired and they are quite entertaining!
-He got his top incisors as well...they were not fun!! I could tell they were pretty painful!
-He has been wearing feety pajamas and likes to kiss the feet of them goodnight when they have an animal on them! Hehe, sweet boy!
-And probably my most favorite thing he has done this month... whenever Chris or I scoot up to the table he immediately says, pray:) It melts my heart and I love that on a busy day when we are in a hurry I might forget and I have my little angel that is in no hurry at all just sitting there to remind me, love him to pieces!
-Not much has changed as far as his eating and sleep routine... all is well :)
So the fun part, my little nugget in action.... ;)
Messes are so fun!!
 His buddy Jake from school, they are 20 days apart and have so much fun together!
Kid loves to eat healthy and his dada has gotten him on "moatmeal"!
My 2 baby boys snuggled in bed!
Coloring on a rainy day @ Nonna & Pop's!
Super Bowl Sunday... GO RAVENS!
Poor Copper just takes it...
But she does not even know how much he loves her!!

Chef Grayson at school!
My boys and their Tigers...
He loves baby Riley at school, yet is extremely jealous when I hold her, ha!
Super Grayyy!!

 Eating Momma's childhood favorite, vanilla & sprinkles!
One day we were really bored and were dying to get out of the house! So we tried out good ole' Chuck-E-Cheese!

Wasn't too sure about these crazy cars...
We had fun though and he ended it with a big ole' lolipop:)
Subway sandwich!
Just sippin' on a coldie on Patrick's patio:)
Trying hummus for the first time...
Nope, I think I'll stick with bacon, hehe!
Celebrating his year & a half birthday at the Miskel's!
Birthday cupcakes with friends!
I can't believe you are already a year and a half buddy! Time is flying faster the older you get, but I think it's just cause it gets more fun by the day! We love you soso much Graybear! MUAH:)

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