Wednesday, April 10, 2013

*19 Months*

Happy 19 months my sweet buddy!
*19 Months*
Weight: 25 1/2 lbs
Height: Somewhere around 32 1/2 inches
Clothes: 18-24 months
Diapers: Size 4
*What's New:
-His vocabulary has officially gone out the roof so I don't always write down every single word. He pretty much repeats anything we say... scary huh?! But here are some that I had to take down: right back (whenever you leave and he wants you to come "right back"), airplane/"pairplane", when you say one he will say two and when he wants something he usually asks for two hehe!, corn corn (his fav veggie right now), "bibleo" also what you call a video! He is obsessed with watching videos on my phone & not just any video... ones of himself! haha! and "lub you Jesus"... he said this one night and it melted my heart. So proud of him:)
-Some of your favorite things right now are popcorn, watching airplanes, watching "bibleos" on our phone, being outside...spring is here!!!! and you love to tickle people and. say "tickle tickle tickle"
-Funny things you do: Whenever something is almost gone and you want more you put up your finger and say one more or "one mo" :), we have been working on your colors, but everything is usually blue or "lellow" it cracks me up and everything can be blue or "lellow" if you wish :), and you love when people laugh. If someone is having a conversation and they start laughing you are right there in the middle cracking up! I love it, my happy boy:)
-You have started saying 2 word sentences and they melt my heart. It amazes me how much more you say everyday. I also like this too because I understand you better.
-We have been going through some sleep issues this month (waking up for snuggles at 1-3 am :( but, we have officially been going strong for a month now (it's 4/10 as I type this). Whoo hoo! I had to let you cry it out once and I thank the good Lord for not letting it last too long because it was the worst.thing.ever. I've never had to do it before, but you, me or dada could no longer function with no sleep. It didn't take you long to figure it out though, I am so proud. Now you can point to where "Grayson goes to bed" allll night:) and we all cheer (literally!).
-And my most favorite thing this month is you have started getting excited to see me when I pick you up (church, gym, grandparents, etc.) It is the best feeling in the world! When I see those little arms spread out with that look on your face running towards me. It doesn't get much better:) I love you angel buddy!
~19 Months in pictures...
Bowling at Nonna & Pops!
Kid loves bacon.
One of his favorite people in the world, Pop. :)
Taco Soup minus the soup, yummm!
Rainy day at Kids Play!
Du nu nu nu nu nunna nunna.... Grayman!!
Park day!
Hey "duckdee!"
Omg, he loves BBQ sauce. It gets everywhere and he dips everything in it.
Make a wish!
Another new favorite thing... he loves to drive with daddy in his truck!

His buddy Jake!
Tiger fan on the loose!!!
Don't laugh but we just now switched over to the forward facing carseat. We were still legal in the other one I promise, haha! He just napped a lot in the carseat when we were out and about and I thought it was more comfy...
Love these moments when it's quiet, I get nervous and I just find my angel baby reading a book;)
Turns out he loves his new carseart!!
Feels right at home in it;)
Finally got him to start drinking milk out of a sippy cup with his meals! He was so picky about not wanting it in a sippy cup and would spit it out?! I layed off for a while & now he loves it:)
Helping Momma cook a dip!
Yes, those are black olives. Yes, he will eat them for breakfast. His mother's child:)
Shake yo pom pom!
Aunt Meg Meg & Dada scrub-a-dubbin!
He's always so pooped after church (which he looves!).
Of course he had to get in another date with his girl, Ley Ley!
Apple Juice makes your clothes come off;)
Momma sharing her icecream..."Weight Watchers!? Where's the blue bell!!"
Yet again, the kid LOVED the Easter Bunny this year! He did not want to leave and kept giving the "bun bun" high five!
Oh little buddy, we just love you so much! You are becoming your own little person that just keeps your Daddy & I laughing! You love it when we think you're funny too:) You can be so affectionate and we just eat it up. Our love for you is indescribable. Each day I realize how truly humbled I am to be your Momma. Thanks for loving me like you do, I am so proud of you:)

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