Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Miami: Phone Dump:)

Headed to Miami! Climbing the seats!

Hot dog pit stop in the Atlanta airport!
Our first night there @ The Fiesta:)
Soo excited to see his Jaa!
Ridin' dirty (literally:) after a long day at the beach!

Cake Pops for breakfast, why not?!
Lunch at Ballans (my fav), Cheers!!
Our signature cucumber concoction for the Bachelor finale!
Snuggles with "Lella!"
Bachelor Finale with "Seanpagne" haha!
Getting in his fruits before a big day at the beach;)
Mister Sandman!!

Mommy & Grayson stroll to Dunkin' Donuts early one morning!
Take me to the Candy Shop!

Sweet boy:)
Probably a good thing we don't have one of these in Memphis...
"Meme" feeding him chocolate! Yum!
There was a lot of this during our trip...:) love him!
Miss this view...

Squeeze those cheeks!
Fun night at Monty's!
"I got my whole world in my hands..."
Hello Kitty bingo night!
Sea Lion show, so intrigued!

Love this picture! Wish there was more of this more often...
 and this...;) 
Pineapple infused martini... yummo!
Go Go Tigers from Finnegans!
View #1
He made it about a quarter of the game...

View #2... wouldn't have it any other way!
Headed to the airport... we we're so sad to leave:( But knowing we were about to see our Dada put a smile on our face! ;) 

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