Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Miami Part 1!

My Mom, Grayson & I went to visit my sister and family in Miami over Spring Break! It was an all girls trip +1 :) We had the best time ever! Of course, it went by wayyyy to fast, but we made some pretty special memories while we were there...
The first night my sister had a Fiesta for our arrival... she went all out, like always! It was a blast!
Kylie & Grayson... buddys at first sight;)
Grayson took to Bob right away and loved him the whole trip!
Only Lindsey...hehe :) She is amazing and did an amazing job as you can see...

Grayson loves "Lella!"

The fabulous taco bar!

So excited to see Aunt Lin Lin!!
Danny pulling Gray in the shoe basket, ha!
Giving Kylie her Hello Kitty fedora he brought her!!
First day on the beach! He loved every thing about it... he dug for hours, threw sand all over and nap time was never considered, hehe!

In heaven!
Love this picture for so many reasons...
Smooches from Aunt Lindz!

The crew!

Ready to head to Carabba's for some grub!
Headed to the park on Monday!
"I'm sexy and I know it..."
Lella & Gray... buddies!

A beautiful day for a walk in the park in Miami Shores!
I spy curls;)
He loved Nonna's Starbucks tea!
Taking a walk with Nonna... I'll cherish these memories forever!
Oh happy day!
Beach baby!
Here comes #1 beach bod;)
Eatcha up!
Playing with Kylie! He lovvvess Ky Ky!

Waiting on the crew to head to Lincoln Rd!
He loved Dillon's Candy Shop, who wouldn't?!

So overwhelmed!
Let me just check this place out...

Crusing in Kylie's barbie jeep, he was obsessed with it!

So fun!
More treats, why not!?
Weee, I love my Lin Lin!

Miss those two so bad!
"Boom" to Uncle Bob, his buddy!
Black bean night, can ya tell?!

And that's only half the fun, hehe! Part 2 to come!!...

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