Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dada's Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Every year since I met Chris I have always put on a little Easter egg hunt for him around the house! I have clues leading up to a surprise! Although I now have a kiddo to do these fun things with, my other boy is still a kid at heart so I continue to do them;) Here is Chris' 6th Annual Easter Egg Hunt! He better be glad he's got Graybears help;)
Starting the hunt... who's more excited?!?

"Really Dad, ya don't get this one?!"
Love these boys so much!
I found it!!

Surprise! A new shirt for Easter, hehe! I did give up the basket since I had Gray at least;)
We continued to hide eggs for Grayson to practice for the real thing! He kept saying "mo, mo"!
Somebody didn't want it to end;(

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