Thursday, April 4, 2013

Miami Part 2!

Let the good times roll...
Thursday we went to Grayson's favorite place...the beach! He just started venturing and found this little sand hole a hotel had set up!
Wow, that's a lot of sandbuckets!
Chillaxin' in my shades, waiting on a shirley temple...
Sweet thang @ Carrabba's!
Off to Monty's... checking out where Momma & Dada had their rehearsal dinner!

A love/hate relationship with lemons;)
Meme and Ky Ky!

3 of my bestest buddies! Wish we were all together everyday!!
He was the life of the party! Out of all of the people there he was the only one front row with the band dancing the night away... hehe!
He had to have a partner to get down with!

The end of the night where he was delirious and trying to jump in the pool! If that's not a look of wild child, I don't know what is!
Dancing with my baba!
One last song guys...
Eeee, it's way past my bedtime!
Lin Lin & Graybear... love.
Friday we went to Miami Seaquarium... it was amazing and I felt like a kid again!
@ the Sea Lion Show, Gray was in awe.

Checking out the dolphins underwater...

At the dolphin & killer whale show. It was great! I was really impressed...
and so was this guy:)

He was over it at this point if ya can't tell...

Then he would not leave... Ky Ky trying to help!
"Geez, I think they're leaving me!"
My little helper!
Of course Nonna had to get him a souvenir! Thanks Nonna!!
& Crocodiles, oh my!!
What a wonderful memory! (obviously Nonna's taking the picture...)
Gray wasn't making it through another show so he & I opted for ice cream while the rest of the crew saw the dolphins!
Having his alone time with a good book.
Sharing his hotdog with Bob!
His new sprinkler!
Ky Ky & her momma!

Golf 101 from Uncle Bob!
Jaaa! Gray loves his Jaaa so much!
Ending a long fun day with popsicles!
Lil' stinker;)
The awful, dreaded day we left:( with his Keith!
Last minute play time with Becky & Kylie.
And last, but definitely not least his best bud Bob! 
Wow, what great memories were made! It's bittersweet to post this, because it was such a fun fun time, but it makes me sad that we don't get to see each other much. I miss my family so much and especially my sis! Thank goodness she loves the Graybear like us all and sneaks to Memphis more often! I can't thank my fam enough for everything! Now it's your turn guys.... Memphis is awaiting ;)! Xo~ Love to all! Until next time...

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