Saturday, February 16, 2013

All You Need is LOVE.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Our day was great & full of love:) I've loved more with these 2 boys in my life than I ever thought I could! I am one lucky lady;)

The Valentine spread for my boys...
He's obsessed with balloons and was so proud of this!
He's starting to get into coloring books and crayons too a.k.a. "lellows".
Let me get a closer look at this "beya"!

He was squeeling when he saw everything, it was so cute! I wish I could do this every morning, hehe it made my day!

 A donut too?! Thumbs up Mom!

Giving Dada his card, he loves him so so much!
This is the best gift I could ever recieve...these 2.
Momma didn't do so bad either;)

And Chili's for lunch! A good day I must say!
Getting dressed for a dinner date with Momma and Dada!
Haha! Always on the go!!
Love this little man so much!
Cheesin' with Momma!
and they're off to enjoy some beautiful weather...

Love this picture... captures his sweet little nonstop self:)

You're my besssttt friend!!
His main man!

Let me dowwwnnn! hehe!

Happy LOVE Day to me!:)
Acting like a cheese monkey!
Hey You!!
He cracks us all up... even himself!! ;)
We had a lovely Valentine's Day at the Clark house! If all my love for these boys keeps growing like this each year I don't know what I'm going to do with myself?! Chris never fails to make me feel special on this day and he did just that. and this little booger makes me smile every second of his life. Blessed. Thank you Lord for loving me and giving me all of THIS!!! xo

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