Friday, February 15, 2013

February Fun!

Although we've had our spring teases, for the most part we've had some pretty frigid weather! This makes for finding random fun things to do during the day!

One night Dada brought home some bath crayons! It saved stomach virus Momma's life and kept Gray entertained for a bit:)

Drawing with his favorite color, "lellow".
The masterpiece:)
We've also played dress up, haha manly dress up that is... it always includes his boots!
Love that big belly:)
Work it! haha!
He's ready for the beach in 3 weeks!!

Annndd that's a wrap!!

Of course we've been cheering on those Tigers!! So proud of them! #22!
Cutest Tiger Fans ever!!
It was a no make up day for this Momma;) love my sweet family!
Pop & french fries... Grayson's in heaven! {note: Pop's Chuck E Cheese sticker, hehe!}

Grayson's also started enjoying BBQ sauce! He's not so sure about any other condiments, but he knows his roots:)
And we eat nanners like a big boy now! Loves it!
Bic Bic & Nonna of course showered him with early Valentine treats!
Lucky little boy;)

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