Thursday, February 7, 2013

*17 Months*

*17 Months*
Height: Still not sure, we will have to see at 18 month check up!
Weight: 25lbs 1oz (gaining by the day:)
Clothes: 18 months
Diaper: Size 3, but next purchase will be 4's!
-Of course Gray's vocabulary keeps getting longer! I love it, it's so sweet to hear him try to say new words and surprise me by repeating big words! To name a few... cat, pull, push, "peek boo" a.k.a. peek-a-boo, Mema (his great grandma), bless you when we sneeze, "Jaaa" which is Josh my sister's boyfriend, ducky... sounds like "duckdee", mouse, mess, play, peas, potty, school, toy story (still fav. movie by far), he will tell Copper she is a "good girl" :) and he can make the wolf & the pig sounds!
-He now says please and thank you all on his own without us asking!
-We have been working on sharing and when he shares he is so proud he will say "thank you" implying he did something good and clap! haha, it cracks me up!
-He got his molars in too! Whew glad that is over, but now we are working on the top & bottom incisors... I think these suckers should just come in when they are born!
-Our little mocker will now repeat me if I go "ehh ehh ehh" to stop him from doing something or "uhuh" telling him no. He will do it right back with the biggest smile... I mean how do you keep a straight face then?! He also knows things I don't really get mad at him about but try to stop him from doing, like pulling the laundry while I'm folding it or grabbing the napkin holders off the table while he's eating and before I even say something to him he will go "nononono" in a high pitch voice, just like me! Haha! Funny little guy!
-When I ask him if he wants chicken for dinner he says "bawk, bawk, bawk" I hope that doesn't turn him off of chicken one day, haha!
-He is a big kisser these days and if we are reading a book he will kiss all of the animals from cover to back... I'm talking Farm Friends his favorite book can take a long time to read... he will kiss every lil mammal in the barn;) We are working on hugging more... I have told him to tell a few people bye here and there we aren't real close with and he will lean over to give them a smack on the lips, haha!
-He also learned how to pick his nose this month, woohoo... we won't go there! He think it's soo funny but has only done it a few times we try to ignore it as we hold in our laughs!
-Dada's probably not a fan of this, but he will grab a bag or anything with a handle and wave bye bye like it's a purse! haha! Can't blame the kid, that's what Momma does!
-And last, but not least he has started doing a "cheese face" along with his funny face! He will smile so big and scrunch his nose! Cutenessss!
-Nothing has really changed about our routine lately. Still a short nap with 12-13 hours of sleep at night (7:30ish-8:30sih)! We love it and it seems to be a good schedule for him!
-He eats like a champ and is not very picky. Sometimes he will eat something for one meal and love it and not want anything to do with it the next day?! Who knows, but it's usually not hard to appease him when it comes to food! Fruit is probably his favorite food for sure!
-He still takes one bottle at night and I'm not really planning on saying goodbye to that just yet. It's his second milk of the day, it relaxes all of us:) and I don't feel like it's unneccessary for any reasons, so for now it works!
Sorry I took way too many pictures this month and of course it's hard to pick just a few. Most are from my phone, but lots of memories were captured... here we go...
His very first time to play in the snow @ 17 months
Shootin' hoops with Dada!
Our very first discipline experience! Climbing on his train table, I know he can't help but want to climb, but ohhh this little boy tested us! We got it on video:)
Cutest little firework I've ever seen! NYE 2013
Even though it's been cold we have had to get this little outdoorsmen outside! He loves it!
Playing with Momma's glasses, studious lil man:)
Me & my Nonna:)
He loves black olives just like his Momma!
Snack time @ school
Chick-fil-a date w/Momma & Daddy!

I'm freeee!!
We have taken many trips to Kids Play this month! He loves it!!

We also went to story time at the Germantown Library, I promise he enjoyed it:)

Park Time!!~

He was so excited for Mommy to teach his Sunday School (actually just pumped I wasn't going to leave him, haha!)
The Miskel's new dog, Jessie! Of course he loved the "puuu" a.k.a puppy!
Oh what memories!!
Momma's got her whole world in her hands...

Yep, here we go... the nose picking!
Lunch date @ Chili's with Pop... he was so hungry here & yelling for a cracker, haha!
Playdate with Ley Ley & Johnny @ Kids Play & Mellowmushroom! SO fun!
We've been cheering the Tigers on a lot! We have a blue & white pom pom and he will say "go go go!!"
Tea Party @ my ladies house:)

A new choo choo set from sweet Kristin!
SNOW DAY, ha not really! But everything got canceled and we got excited:)
"Mom, you crazy! It's too cold!"
Snow Day goodies!
I got out his tent so we could camp out indoors on this frigid day!

We had some fun:)
He did not like the hot chocolate at all and kept making a sour face! Haha! He doesn't like chocolate milk either?! Maybe he's not a chocolate fan!
It cracks me up, if I'm on the phone and he's fighting sleep he will just watch me and talk to me... I got off the phone & turned around and this is what I found:)
Poor buddy had an ear infection, but Dr. Bubba's suckers always seem to make it better!
Sick little guy! Had to entertain him with nursery rhyme CD's... he was real amused, haha!
Kinda that week in a picture...;)
Feeling better and ready for eggs & waffles!!
Yep, like I said, feeling muuuch better:)
Hehe, I promise he was excited about our walk:)

Little man has gotten a little sneeky on me, so this is how I shower these days... he actually likes it!
Dada time!
Taking advantage of these spring teaser days... we might not ever go inside once the warm weather comes!

my heart.

Why does he look 5 in this picture?! :(
Trying to hang with the big boys at school!
The bigger he gets the more I wanna do this
A little treat for his 17 month birthday!
Daang how many picture you gonna take of me this month?!:)
Cheeeese face!!!:)

Gosh, I love this little ham more than life! He has the biggest, sensitive heart, yet he's quite the comedian and thinks he's funny too! Time is going way too fast, but it truly does get better each day if that's even possible?! Grayson we love you sososo much! I don't know if you'll ever understand how complete you've made us and all the joy you've put in our hearts! Can't wait for a lifetime full of fun and happiness because of you our little lovebug!:) muaaah!

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