Wednesday, February 6, 2013

*16 Months*

I have been a blog slacker this past month! I failed to update Grayson's 16 months... he turned 16 months on Christmas Day and I've enjoyed some down time from the blog since then, but here it goes!! Looking at these pictures is crazy, it wasn't long ago but he looks so different already!
*16 Months*
Height: 32 1/4 @ 15 month check up, definitely grown since then!
Weight: 24lbs 4 oz
Diaper: Size 3
Clothes: 18 months
He's gotten pretty talented too...
-Our little jabberjaws came up with quite a few new words this month: shoe, teeth (he lovesss to brush his teeth), elmo a.k.a. "melmo", truck, blue, choo choo, blueberries, cold & brrr usually together, he can now make the chicken & rooster sound "bawk bawk bawk" for chicken and rooster kinda sounds like "cockooo", yogurt a.k.a. "gurt" and he says shhh with his finger over his mouth when a baby is sleeping... sweet boy!
- He can now say "Jesus" and when you ask him where he is he will point up;) Don't know if he really understands I mean the sky/heaven... he might think he's in our attic or something, hehe!
-He is definitely in the repeat everything stage, we gots to be careful!
-We have officially lowered this little monsters crib to the lowest level after a mild heartattack!!
-He has started singing & running, even though his legs are a little too fast for his body.

-If you ask him if he pooped or tooted he will say noooo and laugh.
-If he sees a horse he goes bumbudda bumbum budda.
-He thinks it's so funny to do things with no hands like drink his drink, eat with his fork, etc.
-If he hurts his finger he will hold it out for you to kiss it and no matter what finger he hurts you have to kiss both hands:)
-He has upgraded his "no's" & "uhoh's", no is now "nonono" & uh oh is now "uhuhuhoh", guess he needed to add a little more drama;)
-He loves looking at pictures of himself and can say Grayson and point to himself, too cute!
-He definitely got it from Momma & Dada, but he is already becoming a little neat freak and does not like his hands to get dirty.

Still loves his choo choos!
We call this the Critty Jr. outfit... he looks just like his Dada!
I'll find a way to get that pottery Momma!
This is for the birds...
He lovesss playing in the new kitchen at school!
Chef Grayson:)

He loves babies and would not let go of these at Target... he did not just want one, but both! Nonna caved and purchased them both, ha!
He loves them with a passion to this day...
Sweet, sweet, sweet...
Somebody loves sketti too!
He was sick one day and all he would eat was toast.
This stuff is gooood!
Playin' in da tub!
One of the worst experiences thus far.... my poor baby angel got Roseola! :( It was awful! He ran a fever for 4 days and then broke out in a rash all over his body...look at those legs!
Hope we never have to go through this again! Poor buddy!
Enjoying the smocked days before Daddy disowns me:)

He digs rotel chicken spaghetti too just like his Diddy!
This monkey is so much fun these days and believe it or not he is 17 months already! Ha, time's a'flyin and this baby boy's a'growin! I'll be posting 17 months tomorrow:) and then we will not even talk about how old he will be at the end of this month... a year and a half?!?! It just cannot be possible! I was so excited to plan his first birthday last year, but I think I might be in denial for the 2nd until the day of:) I love this little man so much! We are having a blast with him and he is entertaining to say the least:) I think I'll wrap him up and never let him go...

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