Tuesday, December 18, 2012

*15 Months!*

So Grayson turned 15 months on November 25th, yep I am sure late but that's December for ya!
*15 Months*
Height: 32 1/4 inches (80 percentile)
Weight: Somewhere around 23lbs 1oz., he is still terrified of the scale so I said just go by the last check, ha! (30 percentile)
Diaper: Size 3
Clothes: 18 months
-Grayson likes to talk nonstop!! He will try and repeat anything you say, uhoh! And here are some of the many new words he is saying: Claus a.k.a. Santa Claus, car, wawa a.k.a. water, Papa, no :), go, bite, book, cracker, please, thank you, baby, makes dog and chicken sound, says yuck and then makes a yuck noise and although Chris thinks I am lying he has said purple and alligator!! :)
-I have this one picture from my wedding on one of my side tables and it has everyone in mine and Chris' family in it and Gray loves to name everyone! I am so impressed, he even knows the difference between Pop & Papa although their names are so much alike! He knows his favorite men for sure:)
-He has become quite the copy cat! Since some of us have been under the weather this month, he now knows how to spit in the sink (Thank you Chris!) and will grab a tissue or paper towel and blow his nose in it! Haha! I also caught him sticking a q-tip in his ear to clean it :/
-I feel like he is way more into things these days if that's possible? I will try to get ready with him in the bathroom and I turn around and it's like a tornado hit in 5 seconds!!
-He loves climbing in chairs which scares the poop out of me!
-He loves organizing his toys and putting all of his blocks into one comparment or on one shelf and then taking them all down and putting them all lined up somewhere else.
-Sweet angel also plays with his hair when he gets tired or is falling asleep like his dada.
-He is sleeping from 7:30-9:15ish and still taking one 45min- an hour nap, it works for us and I love sleeping later, he is one of us for sure!
-I guess he has seen me put DVD's in the DVD player so he will now try to put them in himself. However he puts them in the VHS side instead... one day I was cleaning and I thought oh no, something is jammed in this VHS player (which obviously we never use) and I go to pull it out and it is a stack of CD's & DVD's...haha! He was tryin to watch a movie, geeeez!:)
-If we ask him if he tooted he will giggle so hard, it's hilarious!
-As soon as I say you wanna take a bath he will start stripping down!
-He has also started copying and waving his hand in front of his face when I change his diaper like it's stinky, hehe!
-And he loves dancing to Beyonce....bahaha!
-Although it took Daddy a bit to get over him carrying a babydoll, he LOVES babies! If there is one on TV he will say baby over and over and loves carrying baby dolls around at the nursery.
-He is extremely obsessed with Toy Story 3. He has memorized when the dog walks in and will bark before he's even on the TV and will say baby right before the baby walks in the room! I was in awe when I saw him do it the first time, I was like why are you barking there is no dog? And then what do you know a dog walks in... crazy kid loves the movie!!!
-He also loves pictures of himself, haha! He will point to himself and then smile real big:)
-He loves holding my credit card while we check out, which has resulted in some fits when I have to swipe it, but he loves handing it to them and them handing it back!
Diggin' with Pop!

Chip Date with Ley Ley! Which he can now say her name and it is the cutest thing!!
My little republican helped me vote:)

Snoozin' on a beautiful day...

This too funny! This is Pop's hat and he velcrowed it so it would fit Grayson. Pop has a matching one and they will wear them all day long!!
Kickball tourney with my buddy, Cooper!

Gearing up for basketball season!

He will stand up, so then I ask if he wants to get out and this is his response before he plops right back down! Haha, I guess that would be a no!
Christmas shopping with Momma! He was such a trooper this day... maybe because I gave him chik-fil-a and Beyonce was playing in the food court! ;)


Chris cooked these amazing filets one night! Grayson knows a good steak when he sees one! He LOVED it!
In awe of the escalators at the Carefour Mall.

He loves playing in the car, Pop taught him this trick!
He loves all the Christmas toys that I played with when I was little. Love passing down so many memories...

He has not touched the tree at all... I think b/c it "poked" him the first night and he's wanted nothing to do with it ever since. I'll take it:)

He looks way too big here:( I love this little boy! Can we just call him a big baby instead?! :)

I feel like this month I have said so many times, "He looks so big!", "He's getting so big!", blah, blah, blah it makes me sad, yet I love the little boy he is becoming. He is so funny he's my little jokester, yet he has the sweetest heart and is still my little sensitive buddy! I am so proud to be his momma! I can't get enough kisses or "love hugs" in one day!! I love you Graybear, you are Daddy & I's everything! XO

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