Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

We celebrated Thanksgiving for 3 days straight this year and it was so fun!
Wednesday night we went to my cousin's house and a lot of my family from Mississippi and Atlanta were in town! There were 7 kiddos including Grayson so they were all over the place having a blast!
Hallie and Grayson, they were best buds of the night!
My Aunt Kathy and Hallie!

Just eatin' sketti with Pop:)
Sweet thang!

Trying to steal some apple juice...
"No juice, but I'll give ya kisses!"
Grayson did not understand why he could not have skittles like the big kids, haha!

Chris and my cousin Michelle... wonderful host!

And then it was piano time! Grayson was like a kid on Christmas! He was grinning ear to ear just banging away! Him and Hallie had a great little tune going!

Melt my heart! Little musicians;)


Then Graybear had a solo and loved every bit of the attention...
and the entourage is ready to rock again!

They were finally pried away from the piano and ready for bed!
Thursday we went over to Chris's parents and ate too much and all 3 boys played a little ball!
Gray helping (ha!) Bic Bic cook!
Kid ate more dressing than all of us! Mmmm!

A little swing time with Dada and Papa!



Haha! My lil GQ models;)
Then we headed over to my parents that night... only Nonna would have Grayson a place setting:)

Helping her light the "hot" candles.

Memphis played so we had our pom pom in tow, however it was no luck!

Giving Nonna her Christmas ornament... he loves when I tell him to take something to someone. He will give it to them and then say "aww", like I'm so sweet! haha!
Bibbie would be so proud! He ate her green beans all night, literally.

The fam! So thankful for my boys:)
Doing what he does best... taking EVERYTHING out of the TV center.

To continue the festivities we had our parents over Friday to watch the Tigers game... thank goodness they pulled off the win!
Gray loves his Papa!

We got this as a favor from a birthday party a month or so ago and we decided to bust it out and be ninjas!

:) Pop & Grayson... so sweet. 
Thankful for so much this year! Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!

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