Thursday, November 1, 2012

*Zoo Boo!*

We had friends over last Saturday night before Zoo Boo! It was super fun and good to get all the kiddos together for a little Halloween festivity!
We had a bunch of yummy munchies!

Mummy hot dogs!

Ghost suckers coming out of Dracula's head. The sign read "No need for fright, I won't bite, grab a sucker to start your night!"

Getting the scary lion whiskered up!

He was not a fan of the mane at first, but sure looked cute!

Sweet Hayes & Hudson were lions too!!

Jennings as Super Woman! Too cute:)

Love sitting back and watching the little ones play!

Gray chasing the girls in tutus:)

Some of the little monsters!
What have you done to me Mom?!

I think we're about to lose super woman, haha!

After a nap, well what he thought was bedtime, and a tear or two... he was ready for Zoo Boo!

Sweet Cooper!

I loved how Grayson was not scared at all...
We met up with the Harrisons too!

Carousel time!

Gray loved his Daddy holding him this night...

Haha! A lion bear? A lear???

Love these boys!

He was throwing a fit to get back down with the singing pumpkins!

He stood here watching them and dancing for forever! Hands down, his favorite part of the night!

And the lion is out! It's been real Zoo Boo... see ya next year!


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