Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Trick or Treat?"... "Bye Bye!"

We had such a fun Halloween! Grayson had a blast and got into it a lot more than I thought he would. We started the day out with one of his favorite things... balloons! I should have waited until the end of the shopping to purchase this thing... I couldn't see anything and by the end of it he had figured out how to bang it on my head:) teehee!

Just resting up for a night of trick or treating (of course with balloon in hand!)
I made festive pizzas for dinner...

and Nonna made a cute and yummy 7 layer dip!

Pregaming for the real thing!
Practing trick or treating! He decided instead of saying 'thank you' he would say 'bye bye'... so everytime we would say trick or treat and hand him candy he would say bye bye! haha! Like move on to the next one...

Copper was like get me out of here!
All dressed up!
Terrorizing Copper, what he does best!
My little creation from Zoo Boo came in handy when we went trick or treating and no one was home...
The gang ready to rock...

His very first house!
"Trick or Treat?!"... "Bye bye!"
It was the sweetest thing seeing him do this. So much that I got emotional? haha! Just seeing my big boy be so sweet and reach his little hand in there and then look up and say bye bye, melted me beyond words.
Trick or treating with Dada!

Thank goodness for Nonna! She held it down...

Love this.Love them.

He was a little scared of this dude... maybe because he had an Obama sign in his yard?!:)

And half way down the next street he was over it. "I got my lolipop, take me home!!"

What, a snickers too!!

Loved watching him do this... brought back so many childhood memories of stripping down out of your costume and going through each and every piece of candy like it was gold!

His hero:)
This was such a fun and memorable night!! I love seeing him experience childhood fun like this. I love Halloween and hope to make each year exciting for him! {I know Chris is glad he's off the hook on dressing up... for now at least:)}

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