Monday, November 19, 2012

Disney Live!

My Mom & I went downtown a few Fridays ago and took Grayson to see Disney Live! He had a blast! We ate lunch on Main Street and to say he loved sitting outside people/trolley (a.ka. "choo choo") watching is an understatement! He was in heaven!
We saw a tiger right when we got there and he just couldn't get enough!

We ate lunch at one of my fav's, Local!

He got so excited everytime it came by...

He was still trying to figure out what we were riding, haha!
Still in aw, love it!
 We got to the Canon Center where the show was and there was a huge, long hallway to walk so we just let him go wild!!
 I tried for the life of me to get a cute picture during the show, but it wasn't happening...
 Of course one of his favorite parts!
But the only person he had his eyes glued on...
 BULLSEYE!!! He is obsessed with horses and bullseye is by far the coolest:)

 Of course we had to buy the bullseye:) and he made sure we knew he wanted to the plastic not the plush after nicely giving the plush to Nonna and held on to this little fella for dear life...
Giving bullseye kisses;)
 He tried so hard to get bullseye in Thomas's chimney...
 I love how he is trying so hard to balance him!
 Success!!! Both of his favorite toys in one! What more could ya want?!:)
It was a fun day to say the least! And weeks later and he still drags bullseye around everythere! I love my little monkey and all the fun he brings to my days!

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