Monday, November 26, 2012

*Christmas Craft*

Can't start out Christmas without a craft:) Grayson and I went to town the other day with some clay so that we would have a little "get excited about Christmas" gift to give the grandparents & aunts on Thanksgiving!
I've never done a craft with clay, but I think these ornaments turned out pretty cute!
First, I rolled out a big block of oven bake clay and then used a cookie cutter to get the ornnament's shape.

Made an extra just incase... and glad we did, there were teeth marks in it by this time:)

Then I used his thumb, middle and index finger to get a big, medium and little print for the levels of a snowman.

I added Joy next to it with a toothpick and put his initials with the date on the back.
We baked them for like 15 minutes and let them cool and they were ready to add a little paint!

Gave these little snowmen a red hat and shaded the fingerprint with a black crayon to define the print and we were ready to rock!
{Had to include this... he loves crafting so much (ha!) This is what he does the whole time I am trying to do the non-kid friendly part of the craft! I swear he had fun!:)}
Then I just added some ribbon and they were dunzo!
It's a sweet memory too look back on!

I could have cried pulling out his little tiny footprints from last year. I know I will probably do the same with these precious pieces for years to come...

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