Thursday, November 1, 2012

*14 Months!*

*14 Months*
Ready, setty...
 We have a walker!!! The first video was from the week he took some of his first steps and the next video was the first time he had taken that many steps at once! Since then we have had much practice and we are much better!! Let the games begin:)

Happy 14 months to my little baby boy! I add “baby” in there because I don’t want to admit he is becoming more and more like a little boy each day :(. However, this has been such a fun stage! He keeps Chris & I cracking up with his funny antics and attitude he has developed! We just love him more everyday… is that possible?!

This was on his 14 month birthday! No we have not lost it and bought a 14 month birthday cake, but Pop has! Haha! He brought this to Grayson and Grayson was so excited! We decided to celebrate since candles were included:) hehe! P.S. Gray lovessss carrot cake!
Thumbs up! Thanks Pop:)

I’ve decided to change my monthly updates up a bit. I feel like the stats aren’t going to change a lot since they kind of plateau a bit at this age on weight/sizes and the thought of me trying to measure his height and get an accurate measurement is pretty laughable! So I will update those when we go for check ups! For now, I will just give you little spits of the new and funny things he has been doing! Here we go...

-He has TEN teeth and just cut his 1st molars… I think those hurt like heck and he sure let me know:)
-Daddy taught him how to kick the soccer ball. He will walk up to it and kick it and then say kick!
-Some new words he says are: Pumpkin a.k.a. “kunkin”, basketball a.k.a “batball”… which sometimes a kunkin is a batball, confusing I know!, says “all gone” and puts hands up like where did it go?! He will also do that if you ask him where something is and he doesn’t know, says night night and can now make the pig & horsey noise!
-He has learned to snap, well what we call a mute snap, but it might be the cutest thing he’s done all month!! He loves snapping to the hot dog dance!
-If you ask him a question he will shake his head yes! Like… “are you hungry?”, “do you want more?” and “did you poo poo?” Hey, at least the kid's honest!
-He knows how to throw trash away. Whenever we are done with his popsicle he will hold it out towards the trash… smart boy!

-If you ask him if he’s cute he does the biggest cheese face and scrunches his nose! It’s hilarious! How he knows he’s cute… who knows?!
-If you tell him to do a funny face he will tilt his head back and purse his lips together and he can’t hold back from laughing, it’s too funny!
-He loves his Elmo microphone and even takes it to the bath with him! He always puts it up to my mouth, little does he know he doesn’t want Mommy to sing!
-When he stands up in the bath I always tell him to sit down and then I say thank you! Well now when he stands up and sits down he tells me thank you! Haha, little ham!
-We found a new tickle spot… his CHEEKS! Hehe! It is so fun to tickle those little chunkeroos!
-I guess he has watched us call Copper and tell her to come on a lot because now whenever we call her he pats himself like “come on!” It’s quite cute!

WHAT’S NOT FUNNY (but really is!):
-He has officially entered the screaming stage and loves his inner screaming voice! Omg, sometimes you can’t help but laugh and sometimes you can’t help but scream too!!:)
-He has found my candy jar with candy corns and it’s on that table he has learned to shake to get what he wants to fall, well yeah, you know where it goes from there…
-We are still working on “no no” sometimes it goes, sometimes it doesn’t! But now he has found out he can hide behind whatever he is doing like we can’t see him? And now how are you supposed to keep a straight face during these times?!

-Gray has officially said bye bye to his paci. He did this about a month ago. He never was a big fan of it except for night time, but then started chunking it before bed so we said see ya later little monkey!
-He only takes one bottle at bedtime and that is going really well!
-His naps…oh, his naps!! Do they exist?! The kid fights sleep during the day more than ever. He has never been a big napper, but this month he goes a lot longer without naps than I thought he could. He sometimes takes two naps but somedays he only will take one 30 min. - an hour nap and that’s it! However, he makes up for it and will sleep 13+ hours at night, so I can’t complain! Hey whatever works for him and he remains a happy camper!
-He is still a great eater and sometimes amazes me with how much he can take down!
Playing with his favorite toy, Thomas the train!
"What? I like to sit in baskets."
Annnd the look:)

Uh huh, love this lil' smirk!

Having fun with Daddy at the park! Just up in the park workin' on my fitness!

Thanks to Aunt Stephanie we tried some powdered donuts! He loved them, of course!

Haha! I guess I do take a lot of pictures:)

Play date with girlfriend, Ley Ley!

Cheesin' with the Mickey Mouse Aunt Lindz brought him!

I guess he's taking after his Daddy... he would not hold the cup!

In his new under armour gear from Nene & Bob!
One afternoon we were over at my parent's house and my dad's friend started taking some pics of Gray playing. They came out so good and are some of my favorites! Good action of what he's doing these days...

"Back, back, back it up now y'all!!"


Who's kid throws a fit when they can't have the Boar's Head advertisement balloon by the deli?! Mine does!!!

He got over it though and sure loved driving in this car!

One day at school he picked a baby up and put it in the stroller and started walking it. Melt my heart! I've never showed him how to do that... I guess he just sees me doing it to him:)

And he thinks he is a big kid and can have snack at the round table!

Sketti night!

Just being Gray...

and then the next day he decided he should take a ride;)

Having fun at our 2nd home, Target!

Where's Grayson?!

Here I am!! HAM:)~
Rubber ducky you're the one!

He has found Thomas is much more action filled on the hardwoods!
Oh you know, just getting some words of wisdom from his Dada!! hehe:)
 Oh Grayson, you are full of fun and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it does! I think you know how much we love you and I hope that always shows because you sure fill our lives with JOY! One sweet memory from this month is that I taught you how to pray! I pray that I can be a good example and lead you to be a follower of Christ, but it's hard, yet easy at the begining. All you can really do is pray over you... Teaching you how to pray was super special! I feel like it's baby steps to all I have to fullfill. And although you still giggle when Daddy and I bow are heads, we are getting there! Thanks for being my sweet boy! I feel like you have become so much more affectionate this month and it sure melts me everytime! Love you more than you'll ever know my lala bug! muah:)

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