Monday, November 26, 2012

Girl's Night Out!

 I have been part of a girls group for a little over a year now. One girl plans each month and we either go out to dinner or do something for the holiday. November was mine and my sis-n-law's month and we decided to do what we love best, Pajama Party! I hosted it at my house and it was so fun! Now I feel like we should always get to party in our PJ's!!
I made each girl a wine charm with their initial!
So yeah things got crazy and some people decided to practice their old cheerleading moves, haha!
Some of my favorite girls:)

I made a few munchies, but we ordered pizza slumber party style!
Uhoh, please don't kill us:)
Going, going...
Such a fun night!
And of course, you can't have a slumber party without some board games!
Love you girls and looking forward to partying in my PJ's again soon! XO

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