Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Miami Trip: Part 1

Gray and I unexpectedly got to visit Miami this July! It was last minute thanks to my wonderful parents:) Grayson was only free 2 more months so we thought we MUST take advantage!
He was soo excited to ride on the "airpane" & go to the beach!! Nemo in tow, of course:)
We had a delay in Atlanta and it was quite adventurous! I was by myself with Gray running wild!! It was past naptime and the kid was outta control!
 We finally arrived though and Grayson was sooo excited to see his best buddy, Ky Ky!!
I was excited to see my best buddy too;)
The first night in is always a fun time! I miss these people so much!

 Whenever we go to Miami he has the time of his life! He wakes up squeeling like we're still here!!!
He had to show everybody his dance moves to shine on! Hehe;)
Just being kiddos!
Kylie opening her present from Grayson! He looks a little anxious!
Ella in the sprinkler! We love Ella!
Grayson didn't last long... he got sunscreen in his eye and that was the end of it.
Too cool dudes right here!
Grayson with the couple of the night! Headed to their engagement party!!
So happy for these two! They are such a perfect match and we are just so blessed they found each other!
Grayson was in rare form on the 45 min. drive to the partay! He was "cited" to say the least!
Lindz & her future mother-in-law:)
2 of my favorite people in the whole wide world!!
Grayson loves Chris... he spoils him rotten!
One of my favorite pictures of my baby boy!! Eat em' up!

Cheers to the Grounds to be!!!
Lil' stinker;)
Speech time!
The whole crew!
So proud to call all of these folks my family:)
All you need is L-O-V-E !

Pretty ladies! (and Grayson flirtin'...;)

Nene deserved a star this night... as I said Grayson was in rare form and ran all over this nice house! "Meme" chased him everywhere... not an easy task as you can see!
Monkey man up to no good, ha!

He just loooves his Ky Ky!

She's thinking, what do I do with him!! Haha!

Pool day at Blue! It was sooo windy!!
But didn't stop this lil' nugget!
He loooved Chris' dog, Chloe!

and his buddy Chris too:)
Good memories right here! (Note: Grayson is literally falling asleep sitting up!)
This was 2 seconds after the previous picture! Poor angel swam his heart out! I love him so!
After a long pool day we plopped on the pull out couch and watched Nemo! What more could I ask for?! (except that my hubby could have been there!) 
Friday, Saturday, Sunday... check! More fun to come:)

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