Thursday, August 1, 2013

Miami Trip: Part 2

I found this picture on my camera from a morning they let Mommy sleep in :) Yogurt & Ella... his favorites!
We went to a mini waterpark by my sister's house and Grayson had a blast! He could finally go down the slides because he was a little too small last year!
"This is awesome, Mom!!!"

I love it! He is having the time of his life!!
Aunt Lin Lin was brave and took him down all the big slides too! His response was "mo", aka more!:)

Waiting on some french fries and chicken, his fav!
This day he started to miss his toys so we tried to improvise...
Not amused mom!
Lindz is so clever, tie a dog toy to a rope and he has his own pet... hmm, sure why not?! haha
He loves his Lin Lin sooo much!!
Then we found a baby lizard. He hung out with us for hours it was so fun!

"I'm gonna getcha!"
We packed our bags and headed over to Meme & Bob's for the rest of the trip! Here we are at Shake Shack, not the best picture but love the memory!
A boy & his dog:)
He thought he was big stuff sayin "mon, Chloe!" as in, come on Chloe!
Late afternoon beach visits are the best! Kylie in her scuba gear!
It's 5 o'clock somewhere;)
Building/tearing down sandcastles:)

I love that big sandy belly!
And the crazy kid is loose...
He had a blast just running around acting as silly as he wanted! Love this little monkey!
But in the end he's just my sweet angel:)
Talk about a smoocharoo!!
So cute, they just adore each other!
He's so proud, haha!
One day Grayson and I had just a Mommy&Me day! It was fun! We get to do it all the time here, but never had a play day on the beach:)
My little lunch date:)
Too much fun with Momma! Passed out on our stroll home;)
Back with his Ky Ky! 
Playing Badminton with Bob!
I thought it was gonna be just one little run through the puddle in his nice little outfit...
or maybe 2?!
He crashes...
but thought it was pretty darn fun!
Let's go swimmin'! Why not?!:) 
Needless to say we had a lot of soaking to do on the outfit! But that's what vacation's all about right?! ;)

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