Monday, August 19, 2013

Birthdays Galore!!

We've had so many birthdays in our family lately and Grayson just loves it! He will say "Happy Bertday" for a week after it's someones birthday! He decided since it was his birthday month he might as well go ahead and start celebrating! ;)

Kiss those little ice cream lips!
We had both of our parents over the weekend after we returned from the Dominican. We cooked them dinner as a little thank you for taking such good care of our baby!! I was pretty impressed with my stuffed peppers... they were so yummy too!
He loves his Papa:)
It happened to be the day before Nonna's birthday, so we celebrated that too! We love our Nonna!
Of course Grayson had to get an early birthday surprise from the grandparents! Here he is waiting patiently!
He did good! Thanks Nonna, Pop, Bic Bic & Papa for an amazing surprise! He looooves it!
So excited! He was so overwhelmed he just kept walking all around getting in and out!!

This is so cool:)
Always wanting my camera...
Bic Bic decided to do a Grayson crime scene, haha!
He loved it & kept wanting to do "mo".
Drawing Nemo, his fav!
And another surprise from Momma & Daddy's trip. I kept missing him and wanting to buy him things, haha. This was an anxiety reliever in the airport on the way home. I don't like flying, especially 4+ hours, especially knowing this little guy was so close, yet so far.
Cheeeeese!! :) 
He got very comfortable with it & a little crazy...
Not sure who is the bigger kid in this picture?! ;)
By the end of the night he was seriously comatosed from jumping and playing so much!
Then the next weekend it was time to celebrate Pop's birthday! My little helper:)
Kisses for Pop!!
Can't believe my Dad is 60, I feel old. Haha!
Nothing like some Pete & Sam's take out! Grayson preferred pepperoni over BBQ as you can tell:)
Cheers to 60 Pop!!
It wouldn't be a party without some golf!
Happy Birthday to my daddy, love you so much!
Practicing for his birthday!
Big breath in...
big breath out...!
Ice cream & Pop, 2 of his favorite things!
And one of my favorite things;)
Helping open presents!
He scored some Maui Jims! We must love him;)

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