Thursday, August 1, 2013

Miami Trip: Part 3

We've visited Miami the last couple of July 4ths (is that a word?!) and I was so excited to be there again this year! We always have a big shindig at Nita & Bobs! It's always a blast!!

Pre-party golf lessons from Pop!
My little amateur!
Keith & Becky! I love them so:)
Happy 4th y'all! 
Such a great picture! Grayson looks so much like me in this pictures when I was his age... except I was chubbier, ha:) 
Best buddies right here:)

A BBQ Style 4th of July in Miami!!
He loves his Cliff!
Hanging with the big boys!
Playing with Keith, or Donald Duck:)
Sweaty sweetness;)
It's not a 4th of July without some pop-its!!
Nonna got some festive cupcakes and Grayson thought it was his birthday!!
All gone:)
Love it, he hates a mess but loves to make one!!
The crew watching fireworks!

This little boy was d-o-n-e.

And this is what he thought of the fireworks... not a fan of them being so close!!
What an amazing trip!! There's nothing like finding out a week before that you get to go see some of your favorite people! Life's short and our babies grow fast so I'm super blessed my family got to see Grayson just one extra time! Thanks Mom & Dad, I'm glad ya'll wanted Grayson to be a part of the trip... oh, and me too:)

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