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*24 Months*

*24 Months*
Weight: 26 lbs (30%)
Height: 34 1/2 inches (50%)
Diaper: Size 4
Clothes: 24 months
~WHAT'S NEW: As I've said before Grayson loves music! I will occassionally look back in the car and he will be repeating every word to the song! He knows his music!, He has learned all of the basic shapes and added circle & square to the list!, he has become Mr. Independent this month and loves to say "I do it", and praise the Lord above he has started taking a lot longer naps!! He will nap anywhere from 1 1/2 - 3 hours!! This kid has always been a cat napper, I think he finally decided he plays way too hard for a short nap!, he has started doing role play with his toys/animals and it's so cute! I love seeing him talk to them and tell them what to do:), he has become a little scared of dark rooms if he's in them by himself and thinks the shark from Nemo is going to get him... it makes me so sad! So we're working on that and he's starting to realize the dark is ok and the sharks are "far away in the ocean.", he loooves his movies... Charlottles Web, Nemo, Happy Feet Two & Lorax to name a few! He gets that from his daddy for sure!, he has gotten so good at golf! Between Daddy & Pop practicing with him I must say I'm pretty impressed with his skills! and you've just all around turned into one funny, talkative boy! You say something that cracks me up every second! I just love you!
~WHAT'S FUNNY: He loves to tell me where and when to sit down and stand up haha! He's got it all figured out!, out of the blue one day I asked him what his dog's name was and he said "porkchop" (we had them for dinner the night before!) I cracked up! He came up with that all on his own! Too cute & a pretty good dog name:), I've always called him "my buddy" now sometimes when he talks he will say "come on buddy!", if he wants something and I'm in the process of getting it or doing it I will say it's coming I promise or something along those lines. Well when he finally gets it he'll say "I told you!" haha! I might have said that a time or two;)
~BEST MOMENT THIS MONTH: Although it was a little bittersweet;) hehe! For the first time this month he chose to go with the grandparents over Momma! I know a lot of kids do that all the time, but he had yet to do it and always wanted to come with Momma in the end! One day My mom & Dad, Gray & I went to a movie and as we were heading to our car he kept saying Nonna & Pop house! I just went on about my way and then he started crying... he didn't want to get in the car with me, ahh! Needless to say Nonna was parked real close and we sat in the parking lot long enough that he decided where he was going and told Mommy to go bye bye! Although I love when he wants me it's so wonderful to see him love his grandparents like that! I am so blessed with all 4 of them... Grayson sure adores each of you!!
Another is that he has starting LOVING school! It is such a blessing to see him walk in so happy! He adores his teachers and talks about them all the time at home. We have come a loong way! I'm so thankful God put this amazing place and people in his life!! They are so special to our family!!
Caught ya redhanded! Haha!!
Someone got busted coloring themselves;)
"But, but, but..."
"Yeeeaah, I think I'll just stick to the paper!"
Pretty masterpiece:) With a darn cute lil' artist!
Sooo long story short we gave potty training a try this month! It was by no means my idea, but he seemed all interested so I went for it! We went for the 3 day bootcamp and it was crazy. By the end we were both about to kill each other! Anywho, here's a little how it went...
What the heck are these and why do you think I will wear these?!
 This is pretty much what he did everytime I said do you need to go potty... run from me and jump on the couch, haha! Sooo funny!
Yep, I do and now I'll pee! Haha j/k I don't think he really was!
Ahhh this stuff is for the birds!!
Pushing one out! Haha just kidding, again;)
Proof there was success!!
He did so good for four days straight! He was excited to go and wanted to. It wasn't until we left the house when it all went downhill. He would be playing at my work and not want to stop and then when I would take him to the bathroom he would throw a fit. It got stressful for both of us and I decided to put it on the back burner for now... I feel like if I was forcing him then it wasn't going to be successful. He wasn't even 2 yet so I feel like we have plenty of time and really in no rush!
He did such a good job when we were at home and still goes on the big boy potty now! It's just not consistent enough to cold turkey to the undies yet!
He was mighty cute doing it!
He even trained his leopard how to go too!
On to the fun we had this month! These pictures never get old;) 
Love these sweaty little curls!
I had told him Kate was coming over to our house to play the next day. This is when he realized she wasn't coming over right then and he had to wait until the next day! My word!!!
FINALLY Kate came & we were happy again! :)
Playing with his obsession... Playdough!
About 2 minutes before this Grayson was the one jumping off the couch onto the blanket... needless to say he learned the hard way it was not a bounce house and there is just a hard floor under there!! Haha!
Tent time!
I love that this kid is such a snuggler!
More fun with his buddy, Kate!
Helping Momma & Nonna celebrate the Bachelorette Finale!
He will come up to me and say "Mom, I wanna snuggle.." This is usually what he's going for, but I usually drop anything I'm doing and snuggle right there with him!!
He also went to his first movie and saw Turbo!
He was glued to the screen and absolutely loved it... oh and the popcorn wasn't so bad either;)
Playing in our shadow one morning... love these moments!

He sure loves his Daddy! And they sure love their movie/couch time:)
Visiting Dr. Bubba!
We strolled up to our neighborhood fish store one day!
He could hardly believe Nemo and Dori lived soo close to home :)
A sweet treat on Patrick's patio!
Oh and Mommy had one too;)
The Collierville Park by the sprinkler park is our favorite! It sure is a hike out there, but so worth it! 

We like to make a day of it and pack a picnic!
Oh and no park is complete without duckies! We HAVE to feed the ducks everytime!
Don't let this cute little face fool you! This is the look I got right after he locked me out of the house while daddy was out of town and mommy had to go to the neighbors in her pajamas! Definitely a day I will never forget!! STINKER!!!
We also got to celebrate Cooper's 2nd birthday!
He had a blast:)
He loves "working hard" with Pop on the 4 wheeler!
No worries, I got this!
Love this! He adores his Pop!
Ohh just a little sprinkler splashin'!

It's the little things;)
All packed up ready for his first day of school! A big boy nap mat too! He sleeps on it so well, I was shocked! Yay Gray!
His first day of school! He cried a little when I dropped him off, but had stopped by the time I signed him in! Now he walks in without even telling me bye! ahh, growing up right before my eyes!
We love Holy Spirit! So thankful for Mrs. Amanda & Mrs. Debbie!
Skyping with Aunt Lindz while he opened his bday presents!
Thank you for the Fall wardrobe!! Gray is stoked... and so is Mom;)
His doctor kit!! He loves playing Dr. Clark!!
Giving Lindz a shot via web;)
Too cute!
A little pool action to wrap up the summer time!
I got a cookie! Hey hey hey hey!
My brave little fish!
Definitely like Momma when it comes to black olives! He looves them! And I did not teach him this technique on how to eat them! ;) haha!
Easy enough! Ha!
And then his Daddy's OCD comes out... all of his toys always have to be lined up facing the same direction! Oh goodness! Poor kid;)
A birthday's not over till Grayson says it is...
You think you're gonna give me a cupcake without singing to me?!
And of course we did it and all was well:) I promise we finally broke it to him it's not his birthday anymore, ha!
2 year check up! We love Dr. Bubba soo much! Little man was looking perfect! Feel super blessed!
After shots called for a little prize! Especially since he did not even cry! Ahh, such a big boy!
I love this sweet little buddy so much! I could eat that little thigh up... you make me the luckiest momma in the world. ;)

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