Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One Fun Summer Day!!

We had a play date with our buddies, Ley Ley & Johnny! Grayson has this obsession with a pair of his Toms and everytime we get dressed he wants to put them on...
I hate to keep breaking it to him, but they are too small & won't go over his foot! Looks like we might be purchasing the exact ones in a new size soon!
Yayyy! So fun:)
Jumpin', jumpin'! They are too cute:)
I love this little guy!!
I can just see this 15 years from now him picking her up for a movie date (or a ride to the field! Haha j/k John:)

It was scorching hot this day! Trying to cool these babies off!
Gray's new way to drink a Capri Sun... who needs a straw?!
I'll just solve this heat problem... Ley Ley didn't like it too much, ha!
Little love monkeys! Kisses followed this pic;)
Pizza & Strawberry date is where it's at Gray says!
After a long nap Grayson & I decided to keep the party going!
I can assure you he did not get bored. Our backyard has turned into a mini carnival?!
He just loves this dog. He takes him everywhere... here he said he was taking him to Target to get diapers & to see Turbo! Haha! I love this kid.
Nonna came over & brought him a surprise (a.k.a. prize!) What's new?! hehe!
A mini Mr. Potatoe Head!! He seriously played with it for hours and hours without putting it down. We even had to tuck him in and put him night night next to him that night! He is definitely getting into that pretend age. It's too cute!
...and more stickers! We love stickers! Thanks Nonna:) We love you too!
Nothing like long fun summer days!!!:)

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