Wednesday, August 14, 2013

*23 Months*

*23 Months*
Sometimes you just can't put it into words... here's my little buddy these days!! :)
Grayson is full of it these days! Not only does he keep us laughing, but we constantly are getting kisses on our cheeks and legs every second or hearing an "i lub you". ;) I want to freeze time! I just love this age!!
Weight: 26 lbs
Height: We shall see next month!
Diaper: Size 4
Clothes: 24 months
-I think I've said before Grayson has no fear of the pool. Well the other day out of nowhere he just sticks his face in and kept it under water for seconds... we all just looked around, like what in the world?! Then he came up giggling!! Guess he knows how to hold his breath???!!
-Since we've been working on sharing he won't take a toy away from someone and run, he just takes it and says "my turn". Haha! I guess he gets it at least?!
-We have somewhat entered the "mine" stage. However, that is Mommy's big pet peeve so we are trying to cut it out quick:)
-He is adding to his shapes and now knows oval!
-He can count to TEN! His favorite number is 5 though and if he gets lazy he will just say 1,5,6,7,8,9,10!! Hehe! I love it!
-He doesn't really say single words anymore he mostly speaks sentences! My boy is getting so big!
-He loves to wrestle with daddy! You can hear them both;) giggling all throughout the house! It's one of my favorite moments!!
-He's obsessed with his footy pajamas from the winter... every night I have to explain it is too hot to wear them! So instead he snuggles with them! Looks like we will be purchasing more of those very soon!
-He adores Nemo!! We have watched it way too many times & his favorite part is when Nemo doesn't listen to his daddy and touches the boat! He says "Nemo, trouble. No no!" ;)
-If you ask Grayson how old he is he says 2, if you ask him where he's from he says "miphis" :) it's hilarious!
-Whenever you tell him something fun we are going to do he says "I cited"!!
-He loves saying no and then your name like "no momma" "no daddy" if we try to get him or if we do something he wants to do on his own!
-Well this isn't really funny, but we think it is. Whenever Chris will give me a hug for a long time Grayson gets so frusterated and upset and says "Noo! My Mommy!" Of course Chris eggs it on;) and it just gets worse!
-Another thing not so funny... if Grayson gets really made he will go in like he's gonna bite you and then turn it into a kiss reallll quick. He thinks he's smooth;) Little stinker!
-This little man has gotten so funny. I must say I will never forget our plane ride home from Miami! He was in rare form! He kept asking everyone around us if they were having fun and then he would go yeeeaaahh! He then proceeded to call people names of who he thought they looked like (family members) people just stared at me... I didn't even begin to explain! He then decided to stand up in his chair and scream "It's stinkin in hereee!" I about died. Needless to say the plane had their own entertainment and was just glad he wasn't screaming crying! Whew, what am I gonna do with him?! :)
Checking Daddy's heartbeat! He loves to play doctor!
I know I post 2 million of these, but I never get sick of seeing him sleep!
Our first Levitt Shell experience... it was a blast!
Music & the outdoors... his happy place:)
Fun Times!!
He was such a daddy's boy this night! So sweet!
Picking him up from school! He loves to carry alllll of his bags all by himself!
Swim fun @ Nonna & Pops!
His favorite ice cream cones in the world!!
Celebrating Johnny's 1st & Leighton's 2nd birthday! He had lots of fun as you can tell!
Burger Joint with Daddy!
Cheesin' for cheeeeesburgers:)
A fun little family day @ Sports Authority... boys won the vote obviously ;)
Then on to Mommy's happy place, Target:)
"What are you doing to me?!"

I hope he never gets sick of this... I know I won't!!
The night before we left for Punta Cana... movie & popcorn with my buddy!
One of his favorite things to do;)
Life with this sweet boy is so fun right now! He's discovering new things everyday and I feel so blessed I get to experience it with him! So thankful for everything... can't believe it's almost been 2 years, but yet I don't remember life before him, ha! We love you monkey man!!

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