Sunday, August 25, 2013

Grayson's 2nd Birthday!!

The day after Grayson's birthday party was Grayson's real birthday! We were kind of pooped, but not enough to stop celebrating! Off to the Zoo we went...

Showing us what the elephant does... hehe! That's a mighty cute trunk;)
Checking out the ostrich's!
Sweet baby face...

We forgot the stroller & rented a $9 one...really?! Good thing it was his birthday! :)
He was not having any of the animals on the carousel... he gripped my neck so hard!
So we just played on the bench... it was fun too!

His favorite part, the pandas!
They came out to eat right when we got there it was so cool!
So intrigued!
So they started eating their bamboo about the time Gray hit his tired wall...
Therefore, he got very upset they were eating branches and said "no, dirty" as tears filled his eyes! Bless his heart!
Daddy made it all better;)
Daddy & Grayson's thing to do at the Zoo... Choo Choo!
I promise he enjoyed it, ha!

Last stop the goats! Another fav!
And this was the end results... someone partied too hard the night before;)
After a good long nap he was ready to play with all of his new toys!
Just fixing his trucks with the drill!
He got so much new fun stuff! He wakes up every morning and says prizes!!!
His apparel from Uncle Dave!
Enjoying the leftover party decor!

Love moments like this...
bubbles in the face:/

bubbles in the hair, ha!
More sugar, who not?!?
Keeping those trucks runnin' good!
We got to give him his big present from Mommy & Daddy that night... this was his face when he saw it!
I love it! So excited!!!
Not sitting still for long...
His very own work bench!!!
He plays on it 24/7 & says "I workin' hard!"

Melt me;)
Mark my word this kid is going to do something with music in his future! He absolutely loves it! He's even got some mooooves! (& they did not come from his Mom or Dad, haha!!)
Look at that!! Break it down baby boy!
As he would say "Shake yo bon bon!!"
You can see what joy he has on his face when he's dancing! I love it!
Macarena, eh?!
And the grand finale! I promise he's never heard this song before, haha! He can feel the beat!!
A little dance break for a cupcake!!
I don't know about you, but he sure looks up to something here!! hehe!
Who needs a fork?!
Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!
Sharing with his Dave!
He just adores his Meg Meg & Dave! They made his birthday super special!
Add a little more fun... a color bath... sure!
& sweet dreams! ;)
I love the look in his eyes. He sure knows how to have a fun time! Being around him is a party in itself! I love my happy baby boy! But please slow down on these birthdays... I think you should just stay 2 forever!! I love you sweet angel...

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